Month: December 2020

liposuction of legs

Liposuction of Legs

Liposuction of legs should be reserved for expert liposuction providers. This is because liposuction of legs is vulnerable to complications. This propensity for complications results from generally compromised blood flow in the legs. As such any degree of swelling or compromise of micro-vessels following liposuction may result in unnecessary damage to the soft tissues and …

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liposuction recovery hero

Liposuction Healing Time

Liposuction healing time is determined by three factors that include preoperative preparation, operative maneuvers completed, and compliance with postoperative instructions. These three components will ultimately affect your liposuction recovery and are elaborated on below. Preoperative preparation Preoperative preparation efforts that will affect your healing time include optimizing your nutrition, eliminating blood thinners, and avoiding smoking. …

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liposuction of the knees

Liposuction of Knees

Liposuction of knees has evolved over the last few years with the advent of combined Helium plasma radiofrequency energies or Renuvion J plasma. Traditionally, liposuction of the knees was reserved for only the medial knee fat pad. Universally, all females demonstrate excess fat over the medial knees. Even athletic clients tend to accumulate some fat …

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traditional liposuction vs VASER hero

Traditional Liposuction Versus VASER Liposuction

Traditional liposuction Traditional liposuction allows for debulking of prominent concern areas on your body. As a result, traditional liposuction results in an improvement in body contour lines. Unfortunately, traditional liposuction cannot create extraordinary outcomes. This is because traditional liposuction is limited to only partial fat from the deep fat layer only. This limitation is since …

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