Month: January 2021

Liposuction vs BBL visual representation

Liposuction vs BBL

Liposuction vs BBL is an oxymoron. This is because you can’t do a BBL without liposuction. BBL is the eponym for Brazilian Butt Lift which is actually not a lift procedure. Instead, a BBL refers to the filling of the buttock cheeks and lateral hips using your own fat. In order to fill the buttock …

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Liposuction of the Thighs visual representation

Liposuction Of The Thighs

Liposuction of the thighs can be separated into the two specific regions and these include the lateral and medial thighs. The lateral thighs are located just below the lateral hip region that is the anterior extension of the mid buttock region. Some clients refer to these as saddle bags! The medial thighs wrap around the …

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liposuction scars visual representation

Liposuction Scars

Liposuction scars may refer to two separate concerns that include external skin and deeper soft tissue scarring. The external skin related liposuction scars are due to traditional scars that may develop in the areas of skin incisions. The skin incisions, are called port sites, and describe the entry points for the liposuction cannulas. The second …

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Female Liposuction visual representation

Female Liposuction

Proper female liposuction requires intimate knowledge of female anatomy and aesthetic contour lines. When performing high definition liposuction, further knowledge of female muscle anatomy is required. To perform superior female body contouring, expertise in artistry is critical to achieve successful contour lines. In order to better appreciate female liposuction we must look at each area …

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liposuction pros and cons visual representation

Liposuction Pros And Cons

Liposuction pros and cons are several and will be discussed in this blog. Liposuction pros include the obvious which is that your body contour aesthetics will dramatically improve. This means wearing summer dresses and two-piece bikini at the beach. This means feeling the confidence that comes from looking at your best and even being naked …

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Male Liposuction front view

Male Liposuction

Male liposuction goals are quite different than their female counterparts. To begin with, male contour aesthetics demand linear lines that are straight and surfaces that are flat. For example, the male chest should be made flat yet bold with linear lines that create an armor plate pentagonal shape. The male buttock should be square rather …

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Liposuction price visual representation

Liposuction Price

Liposuction price is dictated by the extent of surgery and duration of liposuction times. Extent of surgery is determined by whether liposuction alone or skin tightening is required. Skin tightening might require minimally invasive, non-excisional Renuvion J plasma or more aggressive surgical excision surgery. Renuvion J plasma utilizes a unique combined helium plasma and radiofrequency …

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liposuction on calves visual representation

Liposuction On Calves

Liposuction on calves may seem to be a chip shot. However, it should be approached with much caution. To begin with, the calves are the most distally located body part on our body other than the feet from the heart. This makes blood flow to this region most compromised. When you consider this fact with …

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a person requiring Liposcuton on stomach

Liposuction On Stomach

Liposuction on stomach has evolved dramatically over the last decade.  Previously, traditional liposuction on stomach was able to decrease bulkiness of the stomach girth. This meant your stomach would look better in clothes. However, advances in ultrasound assisted liposuction have resulted in the ability to remove fat more aggressively such that muscle highlights are appreciated. …

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