Brazilian Buttocks Lift Assessment Tool with HD Lipo

Brazilian Buttocks Lift Assessment Tool

As the buttock is a constitutive integrant of female beauty, recent popularity in buttocks augmentation procedures has influenced a heightened desire for Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs)—now acclaimed as the fastest flourishing plastic surgery procedure of the past five years. Despite the recent reputation, there prevails no ruling archetype for the ideal buttocks size and shape.

During a Brazilian Butt Lift, liposuctioned fat from the abdomen, back, flank, and thighs is emulsified, processed, and transferred into the buttocks to achieve augmented volume, shape, and size. We have discerned that BBL goals can be subjective with regard to the quantity of desired volume and shape.

The magnitude of identified BBL desires is also observed by cultural and ethnical upbringing as well as personal desire of buttock style preferences. As a result, the desires of patients undergoing BBLs is subject to fulfilling each patient’s unique target. To create and define each patient’s desired buttock shape and volume, we have designed a Game Changing Buttock Assessment Tool that details for the desired buttocks fullness (waist to hip ratio) and the desired buttocks projection (side-view waist to buttock projection) using a spectrum of digitally produced buttock sizes and shapes.

Dr. Mowalvi, who developed this, deems this tool as integral to acuminating in on individual patient goals and achieving successful results per each unique ideal BBL desire.

Buttock Assessment Tool

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ideal Buttocks to waist ratio
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