Creating the Female Adonis is possible with HD Lipo

Creating the Female Adonis with High Definition Liposuction

What is a female Adonis?

Female AdonisA female Adonis is a tantalizing young female that is not only muscularly toned, but also soft, sexy, and beautiful. She displays strength without sacrificing her femininity. A female Adonis is what every female strives for as it portrays power and health in a feminine manner. With high definition liposuction, this result is available to many more women.

Several factors have recently been presented, by Dr. Hamlet, at the 2018 AACS meeting in Las Vegas  hat convey the attributes of Adonis. These include:

Creation of the Tilde Curves: gentle “S” curve

The creation of the traditional “S” curve that provides more extreme curves as that desired by patients desiring exaggerated busts and chest with an exaggerated narrowed waistline are not desirable in the Adonis. What the female Adonis desires is a more gentle curve with a narrowed waistline but one with defined external obliques that fill in the waistline. The effect is a Tilde curve that promotes more of the vertical rather than horizontal provides a more athletic look to our female “Adonis”

Creating the Female AdonisOver emphasis along vertical line

Vertical Lines

  • Semilunaris
  • Linea Alba
  • Vertical component of external oblique
  • Shorten buttocks height to increase torso length
  • Narrow medial thighs
  • Lightly remove lateral thighs so don’t lose buttocks support
  • Sleek with hint of musculature but not bulky
  • Elongation of the torso

Hint of emphasis


  • Inscription
  • Horizontal component of external oblique
  • Lateral trochanteric depression