Dr. Hamid Mirzania

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Hamid Mirzania M.D.

Dr. Mirzania's passion is cosmetic plastic surgery. He has extensive experience and expertise in liposuction, skin tightening, tucking, lifting, and breast surgery. His patients appreciate his caring and collaborative approach to their care.

Practice Description:

When sculptors create the human form, they do it with a 360-degree vision. Their masterpiece is beautiful from all angles. Their knowledge of the human anatomy and how each muscle flows into each other requires an understanding of proportionality and devotion to aesthetic principles.

When sculpting the human form, these considerations are even more complicated. A surgeon sculptor, like Doctor Mirzania, must ensure the proportionality of how muscle groups move and interact with each other and how they appear at rest. This is termed 4-Dimensional sculpting.


Hamid Mirzania M.D.

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Laguna Beach, CA

Telephone: 1 800 360 7778

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Cosmetic Surgeon with extensive training and experience in the art and science of cosmetic surgery.