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Female Liposuction

Proper female liposuction requires intimate knowledge of female anatomy and aesthetic contour lines. When performing high definition liposuction, further knowledge of female muscle anatomy is required. To perform superior female body contouring, expertise in artistry is critical to achieve successful contour lines. In order to better appreciate female liposuction we must look at each area of the body and in particular the torso with a critical eye.

Female liposuction patients wish to have exaggerated curves such that they are rounded in contour and smooth in appearance.  They typically desire a buttocks that is augmented in size, by transferring fat to the buttock cheek and lateral hips, called a Brazilian Buttock lift. This is contrasted by a waistline that is maximally narrowed, coined a snatched waist. Then these two contrasting areas must be bridged by a linear and smooth transition described by the middle portion of a  Tilde Curve “~”. In summary, remember that your preoperative markings will ultimately define your surgical maneuvers and are critical in female liposuction.

Female liposuction patients
Female liposuction patients

Female liposuction of the abdomen requires gender specific nuances as discussed below. First, the waistline must be cored out as described above overlying the external oblique muscles. The central vertical line called the linea alba. This line extends down from the rib cage to the belly button. It gets wider as it gets lower. Then we have the lateral vertical lines called the semilunaris lines. These lines extend from the areola down to the pubic bone and have a gentle curve to them. Next, we have the inscriptions that are horizontal lines extending across from the semilunaris lines to the linea alba and the across to the contralateral line. There are three rows of inscriptions that divide the rectus muscles into a 4 pack. The inscriptions and packs created don’t necessary have to be at the same level.

Female liposuction of the lower back is focused on central and lateral gender-specific nuances. The central inferior diamond must be cored out in females when compared to males. This will establish the origin of the buttock. The lateral lower back acts as a transition zone that should not be debulked but serve as a transition from the prominent lateral hips to the narrowed waistline. This is in contrast to the junction of the lower and middle back which corresponds to the waistline and should be maximally debulked. Finally, the upper and middle back should be liposuctioned aggressively to create a leaner upper torso which is the aesthetic desire of women universally.

Female liposuction of the buttocks should be focused on creating a generous and rounded shape that is tapered superiorly. It is important to round out the bottom medially and laterally. The medial thighs must be narrowed as much as feasible without creating redundant skin so that there is a gap in between the thighs, called the thigh gap. Finally, the lateral thighs must be minimally debulked to allow for a smooth transition from the prominent lateral hip to the lower legs.

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