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High definition liposuction has been coined to identify liposuction results that are “jaw-dropping”. These results are only possible when body contours are transformed in a radical manner with the ultimate goal of achieving a PERFECT 10 body.

High-definition liposuction is considered a “Game Changer” in the body contouring arena as it allows your surgeon to precisely sculpt your body to previously unattainable results.

Two factors are critical to attaining high-definition liposuction results:


  1. Mastery in the use of VASER ultrasound liposuction technology which is unique.  VASER allows comprehensive, uniform removal of ALL layers of fat from your problem areas. Whereas traditional liposuction was limited to the removal of only the deep fat.VASER liposuction allows for controlled removal of both the superficial and deep fat in order to create TRANSFORMATIVE results. Mastery requires;
      • Understanding VASER liposuction capacity
      • Intimate knowledge of muscle anatomy
      • Appropriate training in VASER application
      • Surgical experience with VASER technology
      • An artistic approach to sculpting the body
      • Accurate preoperative high definition markings
      • Strategically sound 360-degree operative plan to get proportionate and balanced results


  2. The 2nd critical factor for attaining HDL results is appropriate patient selection. Strategic sound planning of your surgery stresses the importance of patient selection. High definition liposuction strives to achieve a near PERFECT 9 or 10 body. In order for your surgeon to achieve superior outcomes, he or she must consider both the degree of excess fat as well as the quality of the skin. High Definition Liposuction (HDL) Body Scale has been designed to quantify "Patient Selection" considerations above to guide both surgical plans and to objectify improvements in patient results.

The HDL Body Scale ranges between 2 to 10 points and specifically takes into account excess fat, skin texture, and redundant skin in order to assist in the surgical design intended to achieve High Definition Liposuction results.

HDL Body Scale of 7 to 9 points for example, if you have excellent skin tone and only minimal to moderate fat, then VASER liposuction alone should help you achieve a near-perfect 9 of 10 results.

If you have a higher BMI (up to 35), your results will be likely to be up from a 2-5 HDL more in the 7-8 HDL range. A big transformation to be sure.

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HDL Body Scale  5-6 points - If you have moderate to severe skin redundancy, then your surgical plan should consider combining VASER liposuction with a tucking procedure (for example mini-tummy tuck, reverse tummy tuck, lateral thigh tuck, medial thigh tuck, arm, or upper body lift).

HDL Body Scale of 2 to 5 points - For patients with severe skin redundancy or poor skin texture a staged full-body tuck followed by VASER liposuction should be considered ).

Our patients come from all over the U.S. and are of all ages from in their late 20s upwards to 70!

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