High Definition Liposuction of the Arms is become more popular

High Definition Liposuction of the Arms

High definition sculpting goals of the arms varies between men and women but gives a balanced, natural look to compliment other sculpted areas.

High definition arm contouring requires emphasizing masculinity for men, as defined by strong biceps, prominent deltoids, and bulky triceps on the back side of the arm.

1.    Deltoids – functions to pull up and extend(abduct) the shoulder
–    three muscle bellies identified as anterior, middle, and posterior leaves
–    Middle leave is the largest and most powerful muscle belly
–    Insertion and origin create soft tissue grooves that measure 2cm in length

–    Origin

  • Anterior – off of clavicle
  • Posterior – spine of scapula
  • Middle – acromion

–    Insertion

  • Deltoid tuberosity of humerus

2.    Biceps – functions to pull up and rotate forearm outward; it also flexes the elbow

–    Origin (proximal tendon attaches to the shoulder joint)

  • Long head – Coracoid process of scapula
  • Short head – supraglenoid tubercle

–    Insertion (distal tendon attaches to the radius and ulna)

  • Radial tuberosity and bicep aponeurosis (single head)

3.    Triceps – functions to extend the elbow joint; there are three head or muscle bellies

–    Origin

  • Long head  originates at scapula
  • Lateral and medial heads originate on the humerus

–    Insertion

  • All 3 attach to olecranon process of ulna

HD lipo goals are focused to provide selective contour highlights as discussed below:

Deltoid highlights

–    Middle belly – is the most prominent muscle belly and intramuscular fat grafting can be used to increase muscle girth and improve appearance.

  • Contour 2 gullies at the origin and insertion of this muscle will provide improved deltoid highlights
  • Anterior groove can be defined in both males and females and creates boundary between the medial belly and the biceps; this groove should appear as a soft gulley and not a sharp ravine.
  • The posterior groove can be defined in males only and creates a boundary between the lateral belly and the triceps;

–    Best defined by contouring anterior deltoid groove
–    Intramuscular fat grafting of the intramuscular belly can improve muscle girth.
–    Best defined by contouring the posterior deltoid groove
–    Nike sign separates medial and lateral heads of the triceps

High Definition Liposuction of the Arms

A 44-year-old male before (left) and after (right) HD Vaser Liposuction of the arms to contour the anterior and posterior deltoid grooves.HD Lipo Article

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