High Definition Liposuction of the External Oblique Muscles

High Definition Liposuction of the External Oblique Muscles

The external obliques are a pair of superficial broad muscle that lie on the lateral abdomen and allow for flexion and rotation of the trunk

  • External Oblique MusclesThe muscle originates on ribs 5-12
  • The muscle inserts in the iliac crest
  • The muscle wraps over the iliac crest accentuating the lateral pelvic rim
  • The muscle provides a transition between the anterior and posterior torso

High Definition Liposuction goals include:

  • Accentuating the lateral pelvic rim – Most important in males
  • Accentuating lateral hip concavity (below the pelvic rim) – Most important in males (identified by the V to the P region)
  • There are clear contour goal differences between females and males – In the female there is a faint external oblique with minimal bulk
  • Allows for maximized waistline narrowing at the point of maximum indentation
  • Allows for a flatter V to P as it transitions to the female buttocks “transition” zone

In the male, there is a more prominent external oblique appearance

  • Increased muscle bulk allows for a more masculine and squared off look
  • Increased muscle bulk overlying the lateral pelvic rim creates a more drastic contrast of the cored out V to P which transitions to the upper buttocks step-off hollow

External Oblique Muscles

Male external oblique contour optimization diagram to guide intraoperative Vaser Liposuction

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