High Definition Liposuction of the Male Serratus muscle

High Definition Liposuction of the Male Serratus

Serratus is the “boxers muscle” because it pulls the scapula forward to provide leverage and support for throwing a punch.

  • Serratus anterior Originates from 1st  to 8th ribs anteriorly
  • Inserts  along medial boarder of the 1st to 8th ribs
  • Interdigitates with the rectus muscle bellies and upper fibers of external oblique muscle
  • Name derived from “serrare” which means “to saw”, describing shape of anterior muscle leaves as they attach to ribs

High Definition Liposuction goals of the male serratus – goals:

  • To etch out muscle shape  is challenging as this is a very thin muscle
  • Critical to work out preoperatively to build up the muscle as much as possible – Bear claw crawling on the floor and/or Plankup exercises (push up done with elbows up)
  • Since the muscles are small in size and caliber, to increase muscle definition requires creating an illusion by building up the ribs that the muscle lies over
  • Appreciate rib anatomy and muscle insertion sites


Male serratus contour optimization diagram to guide intraoperative Vaser Liposuction

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