High Definition Liposuction of the Pubic Region

This small area can have a big impact on the appearence of abdominal lipo and tummy tucks, even though clothing. It is important to address adjusting the natural perportions of surrounding areas when doing a procedure that reduces or defines the anatomy.

What is the Pubic Region?

  • Soft tissue overlying pubic brim anteriorly and centrally.
  • Lowest part of abdomen lying just above external genital organs.
  • Soft tissue fullness overlying pubic bone prominence main concern of patients especially in female patients who tend to have more fat cell concentration in this region.
  • When prominent, can compromise aesthetics of abdominal contour and be apparent through clothes; can be even more pronounced after a tummy tuck.
  • Lateral extension of pubic region over the lateral pelvic rim onto the lateral hip region characterized as a region by “V to the P”.
  • Superior laterally pubic region extends into the external oblique muscle.

 High definition liposuction goals of the female patient

 High definition liposuction goals of the female patient

Create an appropriate sized pubic region that is harmonious with the abdomen, pelvic rim, and overall physique;

  • Differential fat removal requires appreciation of ideal pubic region contour that maintains a flat upper 1/3rd plateau that then graduates into a gradual down slope over the lower 2/3rd to the genitals.
  • Appropriate triangular base width that is aesthetically pleasing by removing lateral vertical grooves as above.