How to Get JLo Butt Done

How to Get JLo Butt Done

J. Lo butt

J. Lo, short for Jennifer Lopez, is a singer, actress, dancer, and mother. Everyone knows this Hollywood sweetheart and her bootylicious figure. You’ve probably heard the rumors that the star insured her butt for $27 million, so is it true? According to J. Lo herself, this is not true, but who could blame her if she did decide to insure her booty? Jenny from the Block is credited for being one of the first celebrities to embrace her figure, flaunting her backside and curves for years. This helps explain the popularity of the JLo butt today.

Before we talk about how J. Lo got her famous booty, let’s talk about the anatomy of the muscles that make up the buttocks. Our butts are composed of three main muscles – the gluteus minimus, medius, and Maximus – as well as the fat that lies over them. These three muscles originate from the ilium and sacrum and insert onto the femur, our long thigh bone.

You might be wondering what the purpose of these muscles is other than to look good? These muscles help extend, abduct, externally rotate, and internally rotate the hip joint. Additionally, the muscles help stabilize the pelvis. 


Exercises that target the gluteal muscles help achieve a giant booty by growing the muscles and creating more buttock fullness. The gluteus medius muscle gives the booty upper lateral pole fullness, and the gluteus maximus provides the booty with its central projection.

Looking at Dr. Laguna’s Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Assessment Tool, a JLo’s butt would be classified as having conservative width fullness and the mid butt at the level of the lateral hips and maximum projection at the mid-upper buttock. The star’s buttock aesthetics correlate with the very strong and enlarged gluteus medius and Maximus muscles. Her butt lift appearance is directly associated with her years of dancing and hard work at the gym. 

So now that we’ve talked about J. Lo’s BBL and how she got her famous backside let’s discuss what a BBL is.

A BBL is a cosmetic procedure that uses a combination of liposuction and fat grafting, which results in added volume, defined curves, and a lift of the buttocks. Each individual has a different preference for what they want from a BBL.

How do we help you achieve the best booty results for yourself?

Using the BBL Assessment Tool, Dr. Laguna helps you identify subtle differences in buttock shape and size. What best describes these differences in preference have been coined California versus Miami BBL.

The Miami BBL Assessment Tool creates an overly generous buttock size with maximum fullness over the upper, middle, and lower buttock region. The Miami BBL is typically desired by patients with fuller hips with more generous medial/lateral thighs.

In contrast, the California BBL has conservative,  maximum fullness isolated to the middle pole. That said, J. Lo has more of a California BBL, which more athletic patients desire and possesses leaner legs. 

Miami BBL
Miami BBL
California BBL
California BBL

If you have tried diet and exercise to get yourself the booty you want and have difficulty achieving your booty dreams, we have a surgical solution for you. BBL surgery has advanced significantly over the last few years, both in its safety considerations as well as its aesthetic ideals.

If you are wondering which BBL is the best option for you, and if a JLo butt is a good choice, contact Dr. Mowlavi to help you decide which is BBL maneuver is the best for you.