Liposuction Before And After

Liposuction Before And After

Liposuction before and after is one of the most satisfying transformations that you can experience. It is important to recognize what kinds of patients come to see me. Patients interested in liposuction before and after can range from all sorts of shapes, sizes, and social history. These patients can range from a young mother who has gained weight after multiple pregnancies, a chubbier patient who can’t lose weight, or even a young athletic patient who wants to look more chiseled.

Having a wife of my own I had first-hand knowledge of how her body changed after having children. After having undergone body contouring treatment, I have witnessed how liposuction before and after treatment has changed her life. She quickly regained her confidence and became comfortable with her naked body.

It is important to understand what can happen to your body following obesity and/or pregnancy. First, your contour can be compromised as your body increases in girth. Second, your skin can stretch out and become loose and redundant.  Finally, as your stomach stretches so do your ligaments, such as the linea alba which can result in stretched abdominal muscles.

Another entire population of patients is very fit who are desiring to look like super athletes. Your liposuction before and after starts at the moment we meet during your initial consultation and ends at your three-month appointment.  At our first appointment, you will share with me all of your concerns. As a team, we will examine your body contour in a life-size mirror so we can visualize all of your body contour concerns and come up with a comprehensive surgical plan.  If you only have excess fat, then liposuction alone can improve your body contour. If you have excessive skin redundancy, you will require both removals of excess fat and excision of skin redundancy. Finally, if you have stretched out your ligaments and muscles, then you may be recommended a full tummy tuck with muscle plication.

During your surgery day, we will essentially do the same thing we did as our initial consultation. Except, I will be marking your entire body, termed preoperative markings, that will guide your surgery. I will take your preoperative photographs and off to surgery we go. Your liposuction before and after the journey will include a combination of liposuction, trimming of redundant skin, and muscle repair if needed. If you should desire, we can shoot an immediate postoperative video for you.

This request is made by a majority of patients who often wish to have their videos posted on Instagram.  Your liposuction before and after the journey will then involve a series of 4 to 8 lymphatic messages that are intended to keep a close eye on you and to make sure that your healing is optimized. After your first week, you should feel comfortable performing most of your chores except for driving a car.

Following your second week, most patients are off of their pain pills and able to drive a car and feel normal. Patients are then seen at one month, two months, and three months following surgery at which time their postoperative photographs are taken. Postoperative photos are then cropped next to your preoperative photographs and emailed to you. This is why three months following surgery, you can consider that your liposuction before and after journey is complete.