Liposuction Compression Garment

A liposuction compression garment is a critical component of high definition liposuction surgery. This is because following liposuction, pro-inflammatory cells, red blood cells, and plasma fluid from the vessels will leak into the soft tissues. Leakage from vessels occurs not only from irritation of vessels caused by the back and forth traversing of cannulas but also because the sheer irritation of soft tissues induces secretion of proinflammatory products that make the vessels leaky. The net effect is undesirable products leaking into the soft tissues. The leakage of plasma fluid results in increase pressure of the tissues that can compromise blood flow. Given that the blood flow is already compromised during liposuction, this added consequence of plasma leakage can have a detrimental effect on the health of your skin. Red blood cell leakage will result in cells that get stuck in the soft tissues and subsequently will pop releasing staining products called hemosiderin. Hemosiderin can permanently stain your skin, referred to as hyperpigmentation. Finally, the exit of pro-inflammatory cells can be detrimental as they will activate an inflammatory state that will attract fibroblasts that will lay down undesirable scar tissue. Scar tissue in the soft tissue can result in soft tissue fibrosis that is characterized by firm tissues that feel woody by touch. This consequence is coined hyperinflammatory fibrosis and can occur from two to six weeks following surgery.
Appropriate liposuction compression garments can help avoid all of the above side effects following liposuction. The liposuction compression garment is applied immediately following liposuction and serves to avoid unnecessary swelling. Patients are typically provided two compression garments that are replaced at each lymphatic massage session. This allows patients to wash the alternative garment to be worn at the next visit. In addition to the compression garment, customized foam inlays are used to ensure uniform compression application throughout the entire body. Foam in-lays are wrapped around your body in a 360-degree fashion. In some cases where high definition liposuction is used to achieve abdominal etching, the foam may be doubled in the front to create even more compression to preserve etched contour lines. This degree of compression is controlled and not compromising blood flow to the skin as would occur if the swelling was left unabated. Finally, wearing compression garments provides for pain relief by activating pressure sensory nerves which block the activation of pain sensory nerves.
In summary liposuction compression garment is a mainstay of the liposuction surgery journey. Without proper compression garment application, your liposuction outcomes and the journey would be compromised.

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