Liposuction Experience

Liposuction experience is essential to achieving superior body contouring outcomes. This is because the act of liposuction requires not only surgical finesse but also an artistic eye to create beautiful body contouring. This is especially true for surgeons that perform high definition liposuction. This is because traditional liposuction is limited to debulking of concern areas. In contrast, high definition liposuction provides the highest level of contouring capacity much like a sculptor would carve a statue. As such liposuction experience in high definition liposuction cases is critical. Much like an artisan who will master his/her trade over years and decades, high definition liposuction requires mastery in an advanced form of liposuction that utilizes ultrasound assistance. Unlike routine liposuction that removes fat by piercing it out of the deep fatty layer, ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL) allows for fat liquefication. Liquefication of fat is performed in both the superficial and deep layers of fat. Then the fat is removed not only from the deep layer but also from the superficial layer.

What makes liposuction experience critical in high definition liposuction is the degree to which fat is removed with UAL. UAL allows for not only more comprehensive fat from the deep layer but also selective fat removal from the superficial layer. The ability to remove fat at this extreme level means more risk of contour irregularities. However, when performed proficiently, it also provides the ability to create stunning contouring results. Stunning contouring results are created when liposuction is performed circumferentially, termed lipo 360, and when muscle highlights become unveiled, termed high definition (HD) lipo 360.

In summary, liposuction experience is required to allow body contouring surgeons to master their trade. This is especially in patients undergoing HD lipo 360. At our High definition liposuction centers, providers have extensive liposuction experience and training in the use of ultrasound-assisted liposuction.