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Liposuction is How Much

Liposuction is how much? Well, it depends on the degree of excess fat and the scope of the surgery required to get you to your goals. The degree of excess fat is determined by your body mass index. Your body mass index describes how heavy you are and is based on your height and weight. We have converted the Body Mass Index to a more visualizable scale using male and female caricatures. These caricatures are scored between a 2 to a 10.

Male HDL Body Scale

Female HDL Body Scale

A near-perfect score of 9 or a perfect 10 designates our ultimate goal of liposuction. This scale has been named the high definition liposuction (HDL) body scale and is based on the degree of excess fat, amount of skin redundancy, and the extent of skin texture changes. Please see the table below:

HDL Body ScoreDegree of Fat ExcessAmount of Skin RedundancySkin TextureThe extent of skin  Texture ChangesBMI
10MinimalMinimalExcellent 18-20
9MinimalMinimalExcellent 20-22
8Minimal to ModerateMinimalExcellent 22-24
7Min to ModerateMinimal to ModerateExcellent 24-26
6ModerateMinimal to ModerateExcellent 26-28
5ModerateModeratePoor to ExcellentFocal28-30
4Moderate to SevereModeratePoorFocal30-32
3SevereModerate to SeverePoorFocal to Extensive32-34

As you can appreciate the degree of excess fat, amount of skin redundancy, and skin texture changes will determine your body mass index and subsequently your HDL body score. Your HDL body scale score will then determine the extent of your customized surgical plan. The lower your BMI the more complex will be your surgery.

If you are wondering how much is liposuction, the first step is to determine your BMI. If we assume that you will wish to correct all of your concern areas, such as in a Lipo 360, then your price for your liposuction will be directly related to your BMI. The higher your BMI, the higher will be the price of your liposuction. If you are need assistance with determining your BMI or wish to know how much is liposuction going to cost you, we recommend that you contact one of our highly skilled providers at a High Definition Liposuction near you.

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