Liposuction Legs Before And After

Liposuction Legs Before And After

Liposuction legs before and after photographs must be evaluated with a keen eye. Two factors should be considered when determining the effectiveness of liposuction in the legs and these include 1st overall decrease in leg girth and 2nd improvement in skin contour. The overall decrease in leg girth is achieved by the removal of fat using liposuction. What makes liposuction of the legs challenging is that the leg is vulnerable to skin vascular compromise. This is compounded by the act of liposuction that uses cannulas to traverse the subcutaneous planes which result in irritation of micro-vessels. This concern is further complicated by the fact that certain areas of the leg possess larger vascular structures that become very superficial and thus prone to injury. As such, liposuction surgeons advocate avoidance of certain areas in the leg for example the anterior thigh, the mid posterior thigh, behind the knee, and the lateral and medial lower legs below the knee. In general, liposuction of the legs must be performed conservatively. Finally, conservative liposuction of the legs is advocated because the skin texture of the legs is poor and prone to resulting in poor skin contour. The 2nd consideration for improvement in liposuction legs before and after involves considering skin contour. Poor skin contour is recognized by skin wrinkling, skin looseness, and/or cellulite appearance. Liposuction in itself will decrease the pulp of the leg and create even more skin looseness. This is why liposuction is performed conservatively in the legs. Any skin contour concerns listed above must be addressed when attempting to improve leg appearance. Improvement in skin contour is indicative of how much skin looseness can be eliminated. Skin looseness can be eliminated using either a minimally invasive and non-excisional Renuvion J plasma or using direct skin excision. When the appropriate combination of fat removal and skin tightening maneuver is used, then liposuction legs before and after photographs will demonstrate significant improvement in appearance. In summary, when evaluating liposuction legs before and after outcomes, recognize that only modest gains are feasible. You can appreciate the decrease in girth. However, be more critical of the skin contour and texture making sure that skin redundancy and irregularities are not created.

Liposuction machines

Liposuction describes the act of removing undesirable fat from your body.

Currently, there are five popular liposuction machines for fat removal and these include the traditional tumescent machine,

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