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Liposuction Machine

Liposuction describes the act of removing undesirable fat from your body. Currently, there are five popular liposuction machines for fat removal and these include the traditional tumescent machine, laser liposuction machine, water jet liposuction machine, percussion assisted liposuction machine, and ultrasound-assisted liposuction machine.

Traditional tumescent liposuction machine

This liposuction machine is the oldest of the liposuction machines and uses a tumescent solution that is injected to constrict the microvessels in the soft tissues and provide pain control. The fat is then suctioned out with hollow bore cannulas by literally piercing them out in their semisolid state. The liposuction machine utilizes a negative pressure ranging from 26 mm Hg negative pressure down to 15mm Hg negative pressure. Higher suction pressures help quicken the time of fat removal. The lower negative pressure of 15 mm Hg pressure is used when fat harvesting is being performed for fat transfer. The lower pressure is felt to protect the fat from being injured from the sheer pressure differential induced on them. Traditional tumescent liposuction has proved to be an effective technique for bulk fat removal.

Laser liposuction machine

The laser liposuction machine is used to more efficiently remove fat when compared to traditional liposuction. The fat is planned to be removed is first infiltrated with tumescent solution and then treated with a laser beam. The laser beam literally drills the fat cells thereby melting them. The process of melting them in essence allows for more uniform and comprehensive fat removal. The disadvantage of laser liposuction is that the fat is non-viable and cannot be used for fat transfer to areas such as the buttock, i.e. Brazilian Buttock Lift.

Water Jet liposuction machine

The water jet liposuction machine is used to more effectively remove fat when compared to traditional liposuction. The water jet liposuction uses the force of water jets to infiltrate the tumescent solution and thereby loosen fat cells for more efficient removal. Although it does provide fat cell viability, it is not as effective for fat removal as ultrasound assisted liposuction.

Percussion assisted liposuction machine

Percussion assisted liposuction machine actually describes a modified hollow bore cannula used regardless of liposuction technique. The percussion assisted liposuction describes a modified cannula that oscillates at high frequencies that allows for ease of fat cell extraction regardless of liposuction technique preferred. The advantage is that fat cells are harvested with greater ease almost like a power tool. The disadvantage is that it does not provide more refinement in control that can be achieved by conventional methods.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction machine

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction machine utilizes ultrasound energy to literally tickle fat cells from each other thereby creating single cell liquid cells out of semi-solid fat clusters. By creating a liquid fat cell media, the fat cells can be more gently collected for fat transfer. Moreover, creating a liquid state allows for not only more controlled but more comprehensive fat removal thereby allowing surgeons to remove fat like a sculptor. Removal of fat at a higher level of proficiency has allowed for superior contouring outcomes, coined high definition liposuction. This makes ultrasound-assisted liposuction machine the Gold Standard, in liposuction techniques.