Liposuction Massage

Liposuction Massage

Liposuction massage is a critical component of your liposuction journey. Following removal of fat from your body, it is critical to manage your postoperative swelling, medically termed edema. This is accomplished by placing you in size appropriate garments with customized foam in-lays as well as serial liposuction massage.

Compression garment

This compression will serve to limit amount of swelling throughout the first two weeks following surgery. Swelling is most significant during the early days of surgery and can compromise your results if not controlled. This is especially true in patients who undergo high definition liposuction with unveiling of muscle highlights. If swelling is not controlled, it can efface all of the muscle highlights. The wearing of customized compression garments is so critical, that patients are often downsized in their garment size throughout the two weeks as their edema resolves. Foam in lays must also be kept clean during this process and may be remade for them if they become heavily blood stained.

Liposuction massage

Liposuction massage will provide the second armamentarium against swelling. This includes serial lymphatic messages performed by our master lymphatic masseuses. Each lymphatic massage will last approximately 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the extent of your liposuction. Goals of the lymphatic massage are several fold and include encouraging drainage of sot tissue fluid through drains that are routinely employed or through lymphatic nodal basins as well as to keep muscle highlights defined. Soft tissue fluid accumulates in the early postoperative period due to leaky capillaries that occurs following surgery. This leakage of fluid is termed third spacing and is more aggressive over the first three days following surgery. This is why we advocate a session of lymphatic message the very next day following surgery. This also allows us to inspect your body to make sure that everything is going well. Patients are then asked to undergo anywhere from 4 to 8 messages spaced out every day or every other day to accommodate our patient’s schedule. Liposuction massage is not a conventional massage but focused on promoting lymphatic drainage of the soft tissue edema. Lymphatic message drainage requires intimate knowledge of nodal basins and specialized training. In addition, drains that are externalized are used to accentuate soft tissue fluid removal and typically retained for 8 to 12 days following surgery.

Liposuction massage Conclusion

Liposuction massage is critical to achieving superior liposuction outcomes. Liposuction massage is supplemented with customized compression garments that serve to minimize postoperative swelling and ensure retention of muscle highlights. If you have any questions regarding liposuction massage protocols, please feel free to contact one of our high definition liposuction center providers.