Liposuction of Knees

Liposuction of knees has evolved over the last few years with the advent of combined Helium plasma radiofrequency energies or Renuvion J plasma. Traditionally, liposuction of the knees was reserved for only the medial knee fat pad. Universally, all females demonstrate excess fat over the medial knees. Even athletic clients tend to accumulate some fat in the knees. Removal of this localized fat pad is common and can make your legs seem sleek and more attractive. Additionally, the skin of the medial knees universally possesses good texture and amenable to recoiling back down when the fat is removed. Unfortunately, another aspect of the knee that is often a concern has not been treatable traditionally. This stubborn area is located over the anterior knee just above your knee cap. This area of the knee is difficult to treat because, in contrast to the medial knee, it typically possesses redundant skin. As such, routine liposuction of knees over the anterior knee has been frowned upon. Due to the location of this concern area, excision of skin has not been favorable.

Today, with the advent of the combined Helium plasma radiofrequency energy, the redundant skin over the anterior knee can be tightened. As a result, liposuction of knees over the anterior surface is now possible. In summary, liposuction of the anterior knees can now be performed but only conservatively, as the capacity of the Renuvion J plasma to tighten the resulting redundant skin is limited. Overall, Renuvion J plasma can accommodate only minimal to moderate skin redundancy. Regardless, we can now offer patients who are concerned about anterior knee fullness a treatment that was not available previously. If you are not happy about the appearance of your knees, we encourage you to set up a virtual consultation with one of our liposuction specialists.