Liposuction of Legs - High Definition Liposuction oif the legs

Liposuction of Legs

Liposuction of legs should be reserved for expert liposuction providers. This is because liposuction of legs is vulnerable to complications. This propensity for complications results from generally compromised blood flow in the legs. As such any degree of swelling or compromise of micro-vessels following liposuction may result in unnecessary damage to the soft tissues and overlying skin. Moreover, there are areas in the leg that contain vital nerves and vessels that are located superficially making liposuction in this region contraindicated. For this reason alone, any liposuction of legs should be avoided by the casual provider who does not have an intimate knowledge of the leg soft tissue anatomy. This knowledge includes fat deposits, muscles and tendons, and all of the nerves and vessels. Zones that should never undergo liposuction include the lateral and medial aspect of the lower legs below the knee and down to the ankles, behind the knees, and back of the upper legs where the hamstrings are located. Also, there are areas where the retaining ligaments tightly adhere the skin down to the muscles. Liposuction in these areas will inevitably cause contour deformities as these ligaments will pull down the skin unnaturally. These areas are called zones of adherence and include the middle medial and lateral thigh region.

The vascular constraints of the lower leg are especially concerning in the lower legs below the knee and such liposuction of legs in this area should be approached with the utmost caution. For example, liposuction of the calves can be performed with success to provide an increased definition of the calves, but this area must be approached with great care. Liposuction of the lateral thighs should also be performed conservatively and limited to providing a smooth transition from the mid-buttock to the legs. Also, liposuction of the lateral thighs should be performed in a deep plane only to avoid the creation of contour irregularities such as divots and cellulite. Liposuction of the anteromedial, medial, and posterior thighs must also be performed conservatively to avoid the creation of unappealing skin redundancy.

In summary, liposuction of legs is performed at our high definition liposuction centers but only by experienced liposuction providers. However, liposuction of legs must be approached with caution due to poor intrinsic blood flow. Also, many trap zones should be avoided. If you are interested in undergoing liposuction of your legs, we encourage you to make a consultation with one of our expert providers.