Liposuction On Stomach

Liposuction On Stomach

Liposuction on stomach has evolved dramatically over the last decade.  Previously, traditional liposuction on stomach was able to decrease bulkiness of the stomach girth. This meant your stomach would look better in clothes. However, advances in ultrasound assisted liposuction have resulted in the ability to remove fat more aggressively such that muscle highlights are appreciated. Muscle highlights will unveil the rectus muscles, the serratus muscles, and the external oblique muscles.  In addition, creation of a snatched waistline have provided contour aesthetics that are stunning. Creation of exaggerated curves are now feasible by virtue of not only snatching the waist but also building up of the lateral hips.   

Liposuction on the stomach to achieve muscle highlights

Muscle highlights are unveiled by the ability of ultrasound assisted liposuction to remove both superficial and deep fat comprehensively. Whereas all of the deep fat is removed globally, the superficial fat is removed selectively from what we call the gulleys. The gulleys are located around the muscle bellies and describe the junctions between muscle bellies. Today liposuction on stomach allows surgeons to perform body contouring like sculptors. This means being able to unveil the muscle definition of the rectus muscle that looks like a shield. This shield appearance is created by either two or three sets of vertically oriented muscles in females or males respectively above the belly button. The external oblique muscles span across the mid abdomen and are exposed in the process of snatching your waistline. Finally, the serratus muscle sits over the lower lateral rib cage is typically only visualized in males who possess larger muscles.

Liposuction on the stomach to snatch your waist

In order to snatch your waist, you must be able to core out the fat around the lateral aspect of your stomach. This area of liposuction is located between your rib cage and your hip bones. With  ultrasound assisted liposuction you can comprehensively remove the fat from the waistline. Combination of maximal waistline narrowing and transfer of fat to the lateral hips will allow for the creation of exaggerated curves that are desirable today.  This exaggerated appearance has been described and coined as the Tilde curve.

Liposuction on stomach Summary

In conclusion, liposuction on the stomach has evolved dramatically due to advances in liposuction techniques and tools. If you are interested in understanding what is feasible following liposuction on the stomach, I encourage you to make a complimentary consultation with one of our high-definition liposuction providers.