Liposuction Pros And Cons

Liposuction pros and cons are several and will be discussed in this blog. Liposuction pros include the obvious which is that your body contour aesthetics will dramatically improve. This means wearing summer dresses and two-piece bikini at the beach. This means feeling the confidence that comes from looking at your best and even being naked ready.

If you are feeling down because you have put on some weight and your clothes don’t fit, maybe it is time to consider liposuction? When liposuction is done properly, then liposuction pros and cons are not equal. One liposuction con may be observed if you gain weight! When you gain weight, you can only gain in size where there are fat cells left. If all of your problem areas are not addressed and you do gain weight after liposuction, then the problem areas will grow in size disproportionately. This is why 360 lipo or circumferential liposuction is so critical. It is not uncommon for these disgruntled patients to complain that “My doctor liposuctioned me, but it only made my fat travel to another spot.”

In contrast, when liposuction surgery addresses all of your problem spots, then moderate weight gain is not so detrimental. In fact, female patients who undergo 360 lipo and subsequently gain moderate weight will recognize an increase in their breast and buttock size. This consequence can actually be beneficial! Male patients who demonstrate moderate weight gain after liposuction have a completely different problem. This is because men have their excess fat localized to their chest, bellies, and love handles. After these areas have been eliminated of their excess fat, moderate weight gain, unfortunately, goes to the internal gut fat, called the visceral fat. This can take the appearance of what has been described as a beer belly that appears like a taut balloon!

Obviously, liposuction pros and cons are affected by weight gain, and patients desiring liposuction should be counseled that this surgery is intended to motivate them to improve their lifestyle. In summary, liposuction surgery is intended to be a stepping stone for you to increase your physical activity and lead a healthier life.