Liposuction Tummy Before and After Visual representation

Liposuction Tummy Before And After

Before and after photos are one of the best ways to gauge a plastic surgeon’s skills and experience. If the plastic surgeon does not provide before and after photos for their abdominal liposuction, this is a huge red flag.  Superior liposuction tummy before and after photos can only be presented by a skilled plastic surgeon who has extensive experience. As a patient choosing a plastic surgeon, you should spend plenty of time examining and critiquing a plastic surgeon’s liposuction tummy before and after photos. You should expect to see the tummy from several angles so you can ensure that the abdomen has been contoured appropriately.

There are several ideal angles to truly capture the full transformative changes of quality liposuction. Following a liposuction procedure, the patient should look good from 360 degrees or all views. You should pay attention to each angle of the abdominal liposuction before and after photos that include the front, the obliques from the front and back and each lateral. Thanks to new technological advances in plastic surgery, such as high definition lipo 360, before and after photos should display a stunning transformation rather than a subtle improvement. Finally, certain attributes of a superior tummy tuck should be apparent. These include an innie belly button, a low incision line that is hidden in your undergarments, waistline narrowing to create exaggerated curves, and appropriate upper and lower contour lines established with proper muscle repairs above and below the belly button.

Please appreciate this 31-year-old male who had a high definition combined tummy tuck and liposuction. This patient’s liposuction tummy before and after reveals vertical lines and inscriptions that create clear muscle highlights to bring out this patient’s 4-pack.

Please appreciate this stunning transformation for this 35-year-old female who had high definition liposuction of the abdomen. Appreciate the narrow waistline and newly defined abdominal muscles and superior curves as indicated by the creation of a Tilde curve.

38-year-old male who demonstrated moderate adiposity in the abdomen, mons pubis and flanks. Using high definition VASER liposuction with simultaneous mini tummy tuck this patient has insane muscle highlights and an etched 6-pack.

This 44-year-old male had no abdominal muscle highlights. Using high definition liposuction and mini tummy tuck, he now has an etched 6-pack.

So what should you be looking for in abdominal liposuction before and after pictures? For females, the abdomen should be feminized. This is done by creating three vertical lines, two semilunar lines, and the linea alba line. These lines are important for defining the muscle boundary but do so gently to provide faint muscle highlights while still enhancing the natural curves.

Too much liposuction can lead to deep crevices and contour irregularities. For males, the goal is to masculinize the abdomen. Identical vertical lines are created and horizontal lines, called inscriptions, are also created to create the coveted 4-pack and 6-pack. Abdominal liposuction before and after photos should demonstrate a clear understanding of how these lines and inscriptions work together to create a well-defined, yet natural, and contoured abdominal contour. Furthermore, there should be no contour irregularities, divots, deep ridges that are boxy, which are all indicators of a lack of both skill and experience.

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