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Liposuction vs BBL

Liposuction vs BBL is an oxymoron. This is because you can’t do a BBL without liposuction. BBL is the eponym for Brazilian Butt Lift which is actually not a lift procedure. Instead, a BBL refers to the filling of the buttock cheeks and lateral hips using your own fat. In order to fill the buttock with your own fat, the fat must be harvested first. Harvesting of the fat is defined as liposuction and describes the surgery to remove the fat. Once the fat is removed, it is washed with an antibiotic solution and then compacted in preparation for injection. This process of cleaning and readying the fat for injection is called processing. Processing is best accomplished using a closed-loop system which has two advantages. The first advantage is that the fat is processed in a timely fashion, ideally within ½ an hour, but more importantly, it protects the fat from being exposed to the outside environment. Avoidance of fat exposure to the external air means that the risk of contamination and potential infection is minimized. The final step in fat graft transfer to your buttock involves reinjection of the fat cells using specialized cannulas. As such, you can see why liposuction vs BBL is an oxymoron. Optimal liposuction is a requirement of performing a successful BBL. Thus, patients questioning liposuction vs BBL can rest assured that they are inter-related. If you have further questions regarding either liposuction or BBL can contact one of our high definition liposuction centers for further advice.