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Male Liposuction

Male liposuction goals are quite different than their female counterparts. To begin with, male contour aesthetics demand linear lines that are straight and surfaces that are flat. For example, the male chest should be made flat yet bold with linear lines that create an armor plate pentagonal shape. The male buttock should be square rather than round like the female. Finally, the waistline should be straight rather than curved.

Male Liposuction

Male liposuction abdominal markings should depict the goals of achieving a strong shield-like appearance. The linea alba describes the central vertical line that extends from the rib cage down to the belly button and should be slightly wider than females. It will generally get wider as it gets down the belly button. The lateral vertical lines are called the semilunar lines that are straighter than their female counterparts. Inscriptions are horizontal lines that extend across from one semilunar line, through the linea alba and to the contralateral semilunar line. There are four inscriptions in males and they divide the rectus muscles into six-packs. In general, the rectus muscles are stronger than their female counterparts and the gulleys created by the inscriptions are deeper. Similar to the females, the rectus muscles are not necessarily symmetric in size or shape. In fact, the rectus muscles tend to be wider and shorter at the top row and become narrower and taller for the top row.

As mentioned above, the chest in males should be pentagonal shape with strong linear borders and flat central component. The medial chest should appear as a vertical linear line with a sternal notch present on each side of the medial pectoralis border. Inferior chest should create a strong horizontal border against the top inscription line. Finally, the central chest, surrounding areola must be flattened.

The waistline in males should be strong and straight and overlies a generous sized external oblique muscle. Unlike their female counterparts, the male external oblique muscle region should not be debulked and thus should remain prominent. Just above this region, serratus anterior muscles should be unveiled to create a stronger shield like appearance. Below the waistline, is the iliac crest and the infra-iliac concavity that creates a dramatic dominant pelvic contrast to the stronger mid waistline.

Liposuction of the male back is quite different than the female counterpart and is created with a lower back that is debulked in contrast to the female transition zone. This debulking is carried up to the lower mid back but not any higher. This means that the upper and mid back should be left generous in size so that a “V” line is created.

Finally, the buttock must be made to appear square in appearance. This means a strong buttock to lower back junction that creates a shelf that your jeans can sit on. On occasion, the upper lateral back can be fat grafted overlying the gluteus medius muscle to exaggerate the square buttock appearance.