Massive Weight Loss Liposuction Patients - 360 Body Contouring

Massive Weight Loss Liposuction Patients – 360 Body Contouring

Dr. Mowalvi has developed HD lipo 360 body contouring to help massive weight loss patients with the melted candlestick phenomenon.

What is the melted candlestick phenomenon in massive weight loss liposuction patients?

It refers to the appearance of their severe skin redundancy that drapes down and appears like the wax that melts down from the top of a candlestick! This is the dark side of massive weight loss that nobody talks about. Remarkably, patients must now endure this unappealing appearance even after tolerating a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery and all the hard work required to lose massive weight.

Massive weight loss liposuction patients represent a growing number of people who have lost considerable weight, in most cases over 100 pounds, but they are now left with loose and saggy skin. However, given recent advances in body contouring, all their hard work was not in vain.

Due to advances made at our center, massive weight loss patients can now be provided a novel surgery that can not only eliminate the melted candlestick phenomenon but provide them life-changing appearance.

Our HD lipo 360 body contouring has now been offered to a limited number of massive weight loss patients. HD stands for high definition. This surgery is an incredibly technical and intense procedure that involves starting the patient on the front, then turning the patient from front to back and back to the show as needed to achieve superior contouring aesthetics.

It requires three steps.

  • In the 1st  step we use ultrasound assistance to free the fat cells from both the deep as well as the superficial layers. Previously we could only access the deep fat.
  • The 2nd step requires use of our pioneered modifications of traditional tucking procedures that allow us to still perform liposuction at the same time as the excisional surgery. Combining these two surgeries was also not possible before.
  • The 3rd and final step requires removal of not only the deep fat, but also the superficial fat selectively as needed to allow us to mold out muscle highlights like a sculptor.

These unique patients will not only eliminate their melted candlestick appearance but end up with a “six-pack” that is how people refer to stomach muscles when they are defined and easily visible.

Results will be appreciated in full effect after three months.