Mini Tummy Tuck Cost

Mini Tummy Tuck Cost

Mini tummy tuck cost is determined by several factors that include:

  • the size of the patient
  • extent of their skin laxity
  • whether umbilical hernias will require repair
  • whether liposuction of the abdominal flap will be required, and
  • whether liposuction or excision of lateral flanks will be required.

Mini tummy tuck cost affected by size of the patient

The size of the patient can affect the cost of the mini tummy tuck. This is because the larger the size of the patient, the longer the surgery will take. The best means of assessing the patient’s size is calculating the BMI, which is short for body mass index. The body mass index ranges between 18 and 35 in units and is calculated with your height and weight.

Mini tummy tuck cost affected by extent of skin laxity

The extent of skin laxity will affect the procedure by requiring a more extensive excision of skin tissues and subsequent incision line repair. The excision of tissues and repair of these surgical incision lines takes the longest time to complete in the operating room. If you have skin redundancy isolated to the central abdomen, you can have a shorter incision line that mimics a C-Section scar.

If you have a lot of skin redundancy that stretches around your back, then you may need an extended mini tummy tuck that wraps around your back.

Mini tummy tuck cost affected by umbilical hernias required

When an umbilical hernia is present, it can be repaired during your mini tummy tuck surgery. The advantage of improving the umbilical hernia simultaneously as your mini tummy tuck is that it can be repaired using an indirect approach that avoids an extra incision around your belly button. As a result, there will be no evidence of this repair when completed.

The only incision will be your mini tummy tuck incision which will be hidden underneath your bikini bottoms. Regardless, an umbilical hernia repair will increase the surgical time and, subsequently, your mini tummy tuck cost.

Mini tummy tuck cost affected by liposuction of abdominal flap

When a mini tummy tuck requires liposuction of the abdominal flap, then an increase in surgical times might be realized. High-definition liposuction involving abdominal etching is possible during a mini tummy tuck since undermining the abdominal flap is limited.

Abdominal etching provides for the great unveiling of the underlying abdominal muscles unique to high definition liposuction; however, this particular type of liposuction requires an additional hour of surgical time.

Mini tummy tuck cost affected by elimination of dog ears

This procedure is affected by the need to contour the lower back and flanks. When the lower back and flanks are prominent, these areas need to be contoured to avoid soft tissue, and skin fullness of the flanks is termed dog ears. If not attended to dog ears can become even more prominent following tightening of the belly, such as during a mini tummy tuck.

As a result, a combination of liposuction and excision of skin may be required to ensure that the lateral hips are smooth and aesthetically pleasing.

Mini tummy tuck cost Conclusion

In summary, the cost of this procedure is affected by the extent of surgical time. Any number of maneuvers may be required to achieve appropriate abdominal contouring results. These include eliminating all skin redundancy and fat excess and correcting functional concerns such as an umbilical hernia.

A comprehensive physical examination with a body contouring expert is required to create an accurate mini tummy tuck cost determination.