Perfect 10 - Striving for the previously unobtainable female form

Perfect 10 – Striving for the Unattainable with High Definition Liposuction

It is time to reconsider the female aesthetics that we consider a 10. Because of the advent of VASER Liposuction and high definition liposuction results, the ideal female body aesthetics has evolved. The ideal 10 body requires:

  1. An elongated torso
  2. A dramatically narrowed waist
  3. Exaggerated Curves
  4. A generous and round buttocks
  5. A more masculine abdominal contour.

In order to achieve the above results, circumferential Vaser liposuction and closed loop fat grafting transfer to the buttocks is required. Attention must be given to removing the flank fat comprehensively in order to create extra-ordinary waist reduction. The buttocks must be shortened yet rounded to achieve the ideal buttocks shape and volume. Both of these maneuvers will allow for the creation of a elongated torso and exaggerated curves. Finally, abdominal etching is required to create a more masculine abdominal contour that has features of a 4 pack.

blonde woman

Achieving the perfect 10 conjures images of Bo Dereck in the movie 10.

She was the epitomy of female aesthetics for over one decade following release of this block buster movie. Two decades later, we are once again excited in the plastic surgery community to strive for a perfect 10 using advanced tools that allow for high definition sculpting of the female body. Images of patient results such as the 26 year old below whom underwent Vaser Liposuction set new standards of the perfect 10 body when it comes to dramatic waist to buttocks differentials.

high definition liposcultpture

A selfie from our 28 year old patient showing off her new 4 pack after high definition liposcultpture, makes us reconsider how we gauge the ultimate female abdominal aesthetics.