What Happens If I Gain Weight After Liposuction?

I get the question, “What happens if I gain weight after liposuction? ” The more weight you gain following liposuction, the less dramatic your results will be.  This is why I stress the importance of being at your comfort weight when you come to see me. Your comfort weight is defined by the weight that you feel comfortable maintaining. To be more specific, you need to have a healthy and stable lifestyle. For example, if you work out of three times a week and eat 2000 Calories per day, you need to keep doing this. When I evaluate and design my surgeries, I take into account all of the areas of your body and create a comprehensive plan that will help me create a masterpiece figure. I treat your body like it is a canvas that I expect to stay stable. This is why you should not diet or start losing weight right before surgery. If you show up to my office underweight, it will only make me liposuction less fat assuming that this is your normal figure. Similarly, you should not gain weight for your BBL. This will only result in fat cells that are larger than normal. Larger fat cells actually don’t make it when they are harvested since they get injured by the cannula holes. What you should do instead is be at your comfort or stable weight.

There is one exception to the weight loss prior to surgery and this includes patients who are desiring body contouring but who have a taut abdomen. A taut abdomen describes a belly that is tight and inflated like a balloon due to excessive intra-abdominal fat, termed visceral fat. Visceral fat is typically protective as it surrounds your organs and gut and is there to isolate any injury or infection that occurs. However, when it is excessive in size it can have a negative effect on your health as it is associated with heart disease. Moreover, when considering body contouring, it is critical to have slack in the abdomen so that the skin redundancy can be eliminated following undermining. When the abdomen is taut, neither liposuction nor skin excision can be performed. These patients are urged to lose weight in order to decrease the visceral fat that is pushing on their abdominal muscles and overlying skin. These patients are often asked to return to the office no earlier than six months following their change in lifestyle and weight loss journey.

What happens if I gain weight after liposuction is a question that does raise red flags for us. This is because liposuction is intended to improve your self esteem and give you motivation for increasing your physical activity and lifestyle. This is in fact what is observed in 99 % of patients undergoing liposuction. If patients are concerned about what happens if they gain weight after liposuction, we must counsel them first. We have to ensure that patients are committed to maintaining or even improving what liposuction will provide them. Liposuction should literally be considered a stepping stone to improve your life!