What is Renuvion and it’s Benefits for High Definition Liposuction Patients?

What is Renuvion? It iss the most advanced energy technology in liposuction surgery as it allows patients with minimal to moderate skin redundancy to still attain high definition liposuction results. Renuvion® combines the unique properties of Cold Helium Plasma with the efficiency of RF energy.

This synergy allows for definitive skin tightening with high precision and yet avoidance of thermal damage to surrounding tissue. A Matter of Energy Renuvion® uses a gentle RF waveform to convert an inert gas into a cold plasma. Helium is utilized as it can be converted to a plasma with very little energy. The result is an energy that is unique in its ability to provide tissue heating and cooling almost simultaneously. Unique Heating Renuvion® uses both Cold Helium Plasma and RF energy to heat tissue.

A small amount of Helium gas is energized into a plasma, which contours to the application area and evenly delivers the energy. The proprietary RF waveform flows through this conductive plasma to create additional beneficial heating of target tissue. As the tip of the Renuvion® device is drawn across an application area, the energy is applied under the skin uniformly along the overlying dermis and retaining cutaneous ligaments. This allows for a full coagulative treatment, customized in real-time to the unique needs of the patient’s skin contours. As such, Renuvion® is applied under the skin as a subdermal coagulator, resulting in localized tightening of the skin.

In summary, Renuvion® skin tightening provides patients with minimal to moderate skin redundancy to achieve high definition liposuction results. When we consider the HD Lipo Body Scale below we recognize the critical benefits of Renuvion® to patients desiring high definition results.

Whereas patients with an HDL body scale of 7 to 8 can achieve high definition results (HDL body scale of 9 to 10) with Vaser liposuction alone, patients with a grade of 6 to 7 will require a simultaneous application of Renuvion® following Vaser Liposuction so that comprehensive removal of fat does not result in skin irregularities. Only Renuvion® can allow patients to eliminate skin redundancy without the need for surgical incisions reserved for tucking procedures.

skin tightening
A 57-year-old female following VASER high definition liposuction and Renuvion skin tightening of the arms demonstrating elimination of under arm fat and skin redundancy with no surgical tucking.

In conclusion, Renuvion® is a critical tool for achieving high definition liposuction results to patients with skin redundancy desiring high end liposuction results.

Abdominal Etching 27
HD VASER lipo of abdomen, lateral thighs, flanks, lower,middle,upper back, neck, arms, fat grafting to buttock
Insetting, Renuvion skin tightening of the upper/middle/lower back, arms, neck.
Renuvion skin tightening of the upper/middle/lower back, arms, neck.

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