VASER Liposuction Ideal for Brazilian Buttock Lift - Dr Mowlavi

Why is VASER Liposuction Ideal for Brazilian Buttock Lift?

Why is VASER liposuction the ideal liposuction technique when performing Brazilian Buttock Lifts (BBL)? VASER liposuction offers multiple advantages to fat harvesting and grafting not provided by conventional liposuction techniques:

  • First VASER liposuction allows for high definition body contouring.
  • The second advantage is that VASER liposuction allows for harvest of 40% more fat than conventional liposuction techniques.
  • Final advantage of VASER liposuction is that it allows for single cell fat cell transfer that is smoother in consistency. Smoother fat cell consistency allows for use of the closed loop system and avoidance of buttock contour irregularities and single cell fat cell transfer allows for improved fat graft take.

Superior high definition liposuction results

Superior high definition liposuction results have become a mainstay of ultrasound-assisted liposuction performed with VASER technology. This is because the ultrasound energy allows both superficial and deep fat to be removed. This is unlike conventional liposuction that only offers the ability to remove deep fat.

The difference is that conventional liposuction can only debulk any concerned areas, whereas VASER liposuction provides the ability to sculpt and maximally narrow the waist, often referred to as waistline snatching.

Higher fat graft harvests

Higher fat graft harvests are feasible since more fat can be harvested with VASER liposuction rather than conventional liposuction. This is because the deep fat can be removed, which is the limit of traditional liposuction, but the superficial fat can also be removed using ultrasound energy.

By removing both the superficial and deep fat, approximately 40% more fat can be harvested. This increase in fat graft harvest means that even patients with minimal boy fat content, less than 10%, can still have enough fat transfer for their Brazilian Buttock Lift.

Smoother single cell fat harvest medium allows for use of closed loop system

During VASER liposuction, ultrasound energy allows for cavitation or melting of the fat. This process allows for a smoother, single fat cell harvest medium. This softer fat cell medium will allow your surgeon to use a closed-loop system. The closed-loop system allows your surgeon to maintain the fat in a completely sealed and sterile container for both the harvest, processing, and injection phases of your Brazilian Buttock Lift. A closed-loop system is predicated on having a smoother fat medium achieved by having single-cell fat cells.

The advantages of using the closed-loop system for your Brazilian Buttock Lift are that fat transfer is expedited (less out of body time) and minimized risk of fat cell contamination (reduces the risk of infection).

Smoother buttock contour with avoidance of irregularities following a Brazilian Buttock Lift

Smooth buttock contour with avoidance of contour irregularities is critical following Brazilian Buttock Lift. Fat cells that are harvested using traditional techniques can only be removed in clumps. This is because fat cells have typically adhered to each other and, when removed physically with the use of cannulas, will come out in clumps.

Unfortunately, fat cell clumps may create contour abnormalities if injected too superficially. However, VASER-assisted liposuction will melt the fat down to single-cell that are smoother inconsistency. As such, the fat medium will feel and look smoother.

This smoother fat cell medium, when transferred into the buttock will appear more natural in contour as it will avoid the creation of lumps or bumps on the skin surface even if it is injected superficially.

Improved graft take of single cell fat medium

Improved graft take of single-cell fat medium will improve overall fat graft take. This is because when fat cells are transferred into their new home, i.e. the buttock cheeks, they must re-establish their blood supply. The smaller the fat cells, the greater the surface-to-volume ratio they will have, increasing the likelihood of re-establishment of vascularity.

Improving vascular re-establishment will result in improved fat graft take and, as a result, increased retained volume of the augmented buttock cheek.

Superior Brazilian buttock lifts with VASER liposuction Summary

In conclusion, superior Brazilian Buttock Lifts are possible with VASER liposuction for a multitude of reasons.