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The elements of a perfect Brazilian Buttocks Lift with VASER liposuction

The fat saved in sterile jar show a high fat to blood content and this is because the Vaser liposuction system allows melting
the fat off of adjacent nerves and vessels. Vessels are less likely to hurt resulting in less blood products being out of vessels removing during the liposuction process. There is a safety lead of minimizing blood loss that is in the favor of all surgical patients.

Why The fat collected by Vaser liposuction is more puree and void of lumpiness?

Vaser liposuction melts the fat into a butter consistency that use to minimizing risk of contour irregularities. Imagine if a sculptor prefer smooth puddie or one that has chunks and non-uniform in consistency to make his sculpture. The advantage is carry to contouring surgeon when Vaser liposuction is use.

Vaser liposuction allows for twice comparing to traditional liposuction techniques.
Fat volumes removed are routinely twice as much as harvested by traditional techniques.  This has a dramatic advantage for two subset of patients.

The first member of patients that take advantage of those patients desiring maximum filling of the buttocks, desiring bubble butt. With VASER liposuction, Brazilian buttocks patients can expect routine butt fat transfer volumes of >1000 cc per buttocks cheek. If you are athletic and/or lean, you can still be an excellent candidate for BBL!

Vaser collects around 96% survivability based on scientific studies conducted by many physician experts, Peter Reuben M.D. This means when fat is move
into the buttocks has a higher chance of survivability as when compared to other modalities. What this means for you is improved long term BBL outcomes.

Facts of fat extraction and injection back into the body that allows two advantages:

 a).  Elimination of fat exposure to the outside air as it remains in sealed and sterile canister. This minimizes any risk of contamination and potential infection to the patient.

b.) Minimizes the time the fat is out of the body. The allusion to consider is a fish out of water; the fish is literally suffocating once taken out of the water. The similar effect occurs to fat cells that have been removed from the body. The fat can be processed and returned back to the body, the higher likelihood of it living. The close system allows for routine send 1000cc of fat in a matter of 5 to 10 minutes and not hours!

 To improve the loop system, it is necessary to have a level of fat medium that is fine and smooth for the smaller tubes. Unfortunately, traditional fat medium is almost solid and  that gets stuck in the current available fat transfer tubes. In contrast, Vaser liposuction allows for automatic fat removal, processing, and delivery back to the body via Fat transfer system.

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