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Liposuction Cost

Cost of Liposuction may be an important factor when considering liposuction surgery. However, the quality of liposuction is more critical than the liposuction cost. If the ultimate goal of liposuction surgery is to achieve the best appearance, then the surgeon’s expertise and experience are definitely more important than identifying the cheapest liposuction surgery. In summary, liposuction cost are important, but should not be the most important factor when considering choosing liposuction surgery. Be careful not to expose your body to the “Discount Rack”.

Lowest Liposuction Cost Can Be Most Expensive

Choosing a liposuction surgeon based on the lowest price might ultimately be the most expensive choice you make. If your initial cosmetic surgery results are botched then you will  have to pay another surgeon to fix the work of the first surgeon. Unfortunately, revision liposuction is more technical and complex and will cost you even more. Among the most common undesirable outcomes of liposuction are 1) incomplete fat removal such that the improvements are subtle, 2) poor surgical design resulting in an unnatural or disfigured appearance, 3) poor liposuction technique producing irregular and uneven results with unsightly depressions in the skin, and 4) large scars revealing that the patient has had surgery.

How to Use Liposuction Cost  Table

The total cost for liposuction surgery is a global fee that includes the sum of the non-surgical fees, facility fees and surgeon’s fees. The non-surgical fees can include price for preoperative clearance, preoperative laboratory tests, postoperative garments and  supplies, and medications. Facility fees include the cost of the operating room that covers operative supplies, anesthesia fees, and nursing staff. Surgeon’s fees include what the surgeon wishes to chage to complete the surgery. As an example, the total cost for liposuction of the abdomen may be 1000$ for non-surgical fees, 3000$ for the facility fee, and 6000$ for the surgeon’s fee. This can total 10,000$ to have your abdomen contoured.

The following table is merely an estimate of the possible liposuction cost for surgeon’s fees.

Table of Liposuction Cost

Body AreaLower End ($)Higher End ($)
(lower, middle, upper)
Back (female)
Lower, middle, upper
Back (male)
Breasts, female3,8008,000
Breasts (male)3,0006,000
Flanks, male2,5006,000
Medial thighs3,0005,000
Lateral Thighs2,0004,000

The most critical factor that determines liposuction cost is the length of surgery. The length of surgery directly affects the surgeon’s fee, the anesthesia fee, and cost of the facility. The length of liposuction surgery is determined by the size of the patient and the number of areas to be treated. Another factor that affects liposuction cost is the technical difficulty of the desired surgery. For example, cases which involve revision of prior botched surgeries are significantly more technical. This is because patients who have previously undergone liposuction typically have scar tissue in the fat tissue planes. Scar tissue can be very difficult to remove, requiring more time and technical skills. A final factor involves the demand of a surgeon. A master liposuction surgeon may be booked out months and be in high demand. Such a surgeon will likely demand a higher surgeon’s fee for his expertise and skill. For example, Dr. Mowlavi is considered a master liposuction surgeon who trains other surgeons in the art of high definition liposuction, is an author of articles and the definitive book on high definition liposuction, and travels the country lecturing to his peers at national meetings. He is internationally renowned as an expert of liposuction with his patients traveling from all around the world to get work done.

The final factor in determining liposuction cost is whether you are interested in achieving high definition body contouring. High definition body contouring is the Gold Standard in body contouring and allows for stunning results. It requires sculpting of your muscles in a 4-dimensional manner such that your muscle highlights become apparent. High definition liposuction also requires circumferential sculpting, termed HD lipo 360. Finally, achieving stunning results requires managing skin redundancy and textural changes. When skin redundancy alone is minimal to moderate, minimally invasive Renuvion J plasma can be used to tighten the skin. When moderate to severe skin redundancy is present or when textural changes are apparent such as in unsightly stretch marks, then skin excision must be simultaneously incorporated into your surgical plan. All of the factors above will increase the complexity of your surgery, add additional time to your surgery, and increase your liposuction cost.

If you are interested in obtaining a quote for your liposuction cost, we encourage you to complete a complimentary virtual or in-house consultation from amongst the surgeons at one of our high definition liposuction centers. At you initial consultation, you will undergo a comprehensive evaluation that will determine the complexity and length of your surgery thus allowing your to get an accurate quotation for your liposuction cost.