See what High Definition Liposuction can do for you!

High-definition Liposuction is considered a "Game Changer" in the body contouring arena.

HD Lipo allows your surgeon to precisely sculpt your body to previously unattainable results.

HD Lipo with VASER is revolutionary in the hands of a masterful High Definition Liposuction surgeon. We invite you to compare the before and after pictures and see for yourself!

From simple improvements in problem areas to major full-body transformations




If you've struggled with weight gain, and exercise and diet just haven't given you the dramatic transformation you'd like, VASERlipo® can help.



High Definition Liposuction sculpts the natural curves and contours of the body, reducing never seen before results.

Your body is a work of art when in the hands of a sculpting surgeon expert.

  • It is Precise and Minimally invasive
  • Is Tissue selective, targeting fat while protecting other tissues from damage
  • Provides significant Advantages over traditional liposuction treatment
  • It is Gentle enough to treat delicate areas such as the neck and arms
  • Powerful enough to eliminate fat comprehensively and circumferentially
  • Clinically proven to produce uniform, flawless, and "eye-catching" results
  • Creates a platform for "Jaw-Dropping" outcomes
  • Provides maximal narrowing of the waist
  • Provides optimal buttocks Reshaping and Augmentation
  • Eliminates all back contour rolls and fullness
  • Allows for abdominal etching to get you a "six-pack."
  • Provides only corrective modality for prior Botched liposuction deformities
  • Allows for Scar-less Skin Tightening

HD Lipo is a "Game Changer" in the body contouring world. Two factors are essential to achieving high-definition liposuction outcomes. The first requires mastery in VASER technology which requires surgical experience and artistry. The second critical factor includes patient selection which needs to be objectified utilizing the high definition liposuction body scale, which determines the optimum surgical design.



The advances in liposuction over the past few years have been truly revolutionary! Today's master surgeons have technology that has redefined what is possible in body contouring. In the right hands, the results are transformative.

This state-of-art in liposuction is known as High Definition Liposuction, Hi-Def Liposuction, or HD lipo. High definition body contouring has become a reality because of the marriage of science and art.

First, advancement in liposuction, mainly VASER ultrasound-assisted liposuction, now allows master surgeons and artists to raise the bar of their body contouring capacity.

Second, the design of sound, customized surgical plans using the High Definition Liposuction (HDL) Body Scale has made the creation of "stunning" outcomes a reality for EVERY patient's age, size, and shape. See how the HDL Body Scale ensures consistent, superior body contouring outcomes.

High Definition Liposuction (HDL) Body Scale provides a surgical guide and algorithm to ensure that all patients achieve high definition body contouring outcomes. Using the HDL Body Scale, master surgeon sculptors can secure proper patient selections, design sound, customize surgical plans, and objectify their outcomes. The HDL Body scale establishes body scores ranging from 2 to 10 for each of the patients' concern area


Tumescent Liposuction describes using a specialized solution called tumescent fluid that Dr. Jeffrey Klein found. This solution has revolutionized the safety of Liposuction throughout the world. The traditional tumescent solution calls for 1 Liter of Lactated Ringers infused with 50 ml of 1% lidocaine with epinephrine and 20 ml of 8.4% bicarbonate. Lidocaine provides for anesthetic pain control. The effects of Lidocaine are appreciated within one minute of administration and last approximately 3 hours. The epinephrine allows for constriction of micro-vessels, which minimizes blood loss that is quintessential for patient safety.
Finally, the bicarbonate solution is mixed in to make the solution slightly basic and more physiological. The addition of a bicarbonate solution has two effects. The first is to improve the lidocaine entry into the nerve cells by changing it from a polar to a neutral molecule. The second is to make the solution more cell friendly, which is critical to fat cell viability in patients desiring fat transfer to the buttock region, termed Brazilian Butt Lift. Tumescent solution volumes are limited to 2 Liters in patients without an intravenous (IV) line and 5 Liters in patients treated in an outpatient surgical facility.

Traditional tumescent Liposuction describes the solution used universally by liposuction surgeons around the world. This solution contains 1 Liter of Lactated Ringers, mixed with 50 ml of Lidocaine with 1 % epinephrine, and 20 ml of 8.4% Bicarbonate solution. Our high definition surgeons pioneered modifying the traditional tumescent solution to achieve several advantages for high definition liposuction cases performed under general anesthesia.

The first involves the reduction of 50 ml of Lidocaine with epinephrine to 25ml only, thereby halving the amount of Lidocaine. By halving the volume of Lidocaine injected, concerns of lidocaine toxicity are minimized. The subsequent modification involves adding one amp or epi to increase the epinephrine dose to constrict the microvessels and minimize blood loss. The following modification includes the use of 2mg of Dexamethasone. This addition minimizes the risk of hyperinflammatory reactions that can occur during Liposuction. Hyperinflammation is caused by the influx of white blood cells that then excrete pro-inflammatory products, which can induce undesirable hyperpigmentation and scar tissue deposition.

The white blood cells are suppressed over the first few days by adding a safe level of the steroid derivative above, thus avoiding this side effect. The final product that is added is Transanamic acid which provides additional protection against unnecessary blood loss. Controlling blood loss is especially important during 360 lipo, where more extensive tumescent solutions achieve exceptional high definition body contouring results.

The wet liposuction technique describes traditional Liposuction where a tumescent solution is used to infiltrate the fatty tissue layers and subsequently removed at a ratio of 1:1. This technique is very effective and universally advocated throughout the world. In general, equal volumes of solution are injected and removed ensures that fluid volume shifts are kept to a minimum, making maintenance of fluid dynamics in the body straightforward. The tumescent solution contains Lidocaine, which provides anesthetic comfort postoperatively, and epinephrine, which constricts the microvessels in the soft tissues, thereby minimizing blood loss.
The disadvantage of the wet liposuction technique is that general anesthesia is required due to the limited tumescent solution infiltration compared to the super wet (look below) technique. In addition, the wet liposuction technique or traditional Liposuction is limited to deep fat tissue removal only.

The super-wet technique describes the more generous use of a tumescent solution that utilizes infiltration of 100 cc to every 1cc of aspiration as described by a ratio of 100:1. In essence, 100 times more fluid is injected than removed. The reason for this infusion of fluid is so that Liposuction can be performed while patients are awake. This advantage is unique to patients who do not want to be put under general anesthesia.
However, the disadvantage remains that due to increased infusion to aspiration differential, large volumes of Liposuction must be avoided to avoid fluid volume shifts that can affect a patient’s well-being. The other disadvantage is that Liposuction under local anesthesia is not conducive to comprehensive fat removal as achieved in high-definition Liposuction.
The white blood cells are suppressed over the first few days by adding a safe level of the steroid derivative above, thus avoiding this side effect. The final product that is added is Transanamic acid which provides additional protection against unnecessary blood loss. Controlling blood loss is especially important during 360 lipo, where more extensive tumescent solutions achieve exceptional high definition body contouring results.

Laser lipo utilizes a laser beam to pierce, heat, and melt fat cells into a liquid state. This process does allow for a more accessible and more comprehensive removal of fat. Laser liposuction is a two-step process involving laser probes to deliver the laser energy to the fat cells, followed by the use of hollow bore cannulas to remove the fat. By melting the fat, Laser lipo also claims to cause minor injury to blood vessels and nerves, thus removing fat with thinner cannulas.
Unfortunately, laser lipo does kill the fat cells making them unusable for fat transfers. This inability to fat grafting thereby eliminates the ability to perform Brazilian Butt Lifts, which involves the fat transfer to the buttock, and Natural Breast Augmentation, which involves the fat transfer to the breasts. Finally, we have found that the ability to remove fat comprehensively, although superior to traditional Liposuction, is inferior to ultrasound-assisted Liposuction.

SmartLipo, is the branding name of laser lipo, a form of Liposuction that uses laser technology to melt fat cells. The energy from the laser liquefies the fat cells, thereby making it easier to remove the fat cells.  This technology has the disadvantage of killing the fat cells so that they cannot be used in fat transfers such as BBL, i.e., fat grafting to the buttock.

ProLipo PLUS by Sciton is a groundbreaking liposuction technique. Like many other revolutionary liposuction methods, ProLipo PLUS uses a laser to melt fat to be removed. In addition, the laser tightens and firms the surrounding tissue to create a tight, natural aesthetic. This liposuction technique is minimally invasive, which makes it best for treating concentrated areas of fat. These fat pockets are often challenging to get rid of by diet and exercise.

Areas such as the chin, bra roll, back roll, arms, abdomen, flanks, thighs, and knees are popular areas to treat with ProLipo PLUS. This method causes minimal bruising, bleeding, and swelling, which means a shorter and less complete recovery for the patient. Since ProLipo PLUS can be used under a local anesthetic, the procedure is typically cheaper, less risk for the patient, and can be done in the surgeon’s office. Most importantly, results are immediately visible and continue to improve the weeks after the procedure.

CoolLipo is a modification of the Laser liposuction technique that utilizes a laser wavelength of 1320 nm to break up and liquefy fat. Cool lipo has a topical cooling element to reduce discomfort so that the procedure can be made more tolerable under local anesthetic only. Unfortunately, this modification does not improve the effectiveness of fat removal.

Patients are often concerned with the invasive nature of traditional Liposuction. Fortunately, liposuction technology and liposuction techniques are constantly improving. LipoLite is a perfect example of next-generation Liposuction, which uses laser technology to melt fat so it can be gently removed. Not only does LipoLite remove fat, but the surrounding skin is also tightened as a result of renewed collagen in the treatment area.

All of these results are achieved using a minimally invasive technique. This way, the treatment is more comfortable for the patient, recovery is more accessible, and there is little to no scarring! LipoLite is best for treating stubborn pockets of fat like the flanks, abdomen, neck, face, thighs, and hips, which are difficult to remove by diet and exercise. For many patients, results are visible right after the procedure and continue to improve weeks after. Patients can typically return to work one or two days after their procedure.

The Tumescent Liposuction Technique improves traditional Liposuction because it offers improved results and a decreased risk for the patient. Water Jet Assisted Liposuction further improves on the Tumescent liposuction technique. Commonly referred to as Body-Jet, Water Jet Assisted Liposuction uses a powerful, precise stream of water to break apart fat pockets.

First, a saline solution is injected into the treatment area to loosen fatty tissue. The key to Body-Jet is using a stream of water rather than laser technology to dissociate the fat. Laser liposuction tends to melt fat, so it can’t be grafted. Water Jet Assisted Liposuction gently dislodges the fatty tissue, so the fat is more viable when harvested and more fat can be removed. This method allows the plastic surgeon to carefully remove stubborn fat pockets and contour the patient’s body with precision and accuracy.

Safe lipo is an acronym that stands for Separation, Aspiration, and Fat Equalization. The Separation phase utilizes power-assisted Liposuction (PALS) to separate fat globules, making them easier to remove fat. PALS does refer to a machine that can remove fat more efficiently by a high-frequency oscillating cannula. Safe lipo alleges that its ability to avoid any heat production makes it an ideal tool for Liposuction by avoiding injury to biologic cells. The aspiration phase alleges that since fat cells are separated as above, safer, thinner caliber, cannulas can be removed. Finally, the fat equalization claims to leave a thinner layer of superficial fat that protects the skin from irregularities.
However, safe lipo does have its critics. The first is that PALS lipo does not allow the removal of fat cells from the superficial layer. Although less heat is indeed created, thus potentially avoiding unnecessary thermal injury, this does not translate to more comprehensive fat removal. The second assumption includes the statement that thinner caliber cannulas are safer than larger bore cannulas. We prefer to use larger bore cannulas universally as they are safer and less likely to cause penetrating injuries of blood vessels, nerves, and other tissues.
Finally, one of the premises of achieving superior high definition liposuction outcomes is that selective removal of the superficial fat lining is employed to achieve muscle highlights; this is contradictory to the safe lipo fat equalization process.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive technique used to eliminate areas of fat accumulation using a topical cooling element. Pads that cool the underlying skin result in the freezing and subsequent death of fat cells underneath the skin. The body then reabsorbs fat cells that have died, thus decreasing areas of undesired prominence. The advantage of this treatment is that surgery that requires anesthesia is not required.
Furthermore, no recovery is required such that patients may return to work immediately. However, the disadvantages are several and include the inability to treat all areas at once. Fat loss is localized only to areas of pad placement. This can create contour issues along the junction of treated and non-treated areas. Additionally, the fat eliminated is the superficial fat instead of the deeper fat layer, typically the preferred fat for the removal layer.
Because the superficial rather than the deep fat is removed, they will preferentially gain girth in the areas treated if patients gain weight. This is because the deep fat, not the superficial fat, is dynamic and fluctuates most during weight change. When the superficial fat is removed and moderate weight gain occurs, patients will see an unforeseen growth of treated areas! This deformity has been characterized as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH).t selective removal of the superficial fat lining is employed to achieve muscle highlights; this is contradictory to the safe lipo fat equalization process.

Gold Standard Liposuction Techniques


Ultrasonic-assisted liposuction describes the most advanced technique of liposuction that utilizes ultrasound energy to convert semisolid clusters of fat cells to a liquid, single-cell state. This process of converting fat cells into a liquid state has been characterized by cavitation.
Cavitation creates an air bubble that pops the fat cells. This advanced liposuction modality is currently considered the GOLD STANDARD in fat removal techniques. Although several companies make ultrasound energy liposuction machines, VASER is the most popular brand currently in production by Solta Medical! This deformity has been characterized as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH).t selective removal of the superficial fat lining is employed to achieve muscle highlights; this is contradictory to the safe lipo fat equalization process.


VASER liposuction describes unique ultrasound technology used to gently break up fat cell clusters into single cells by cavitation. The ultrasound energy is administered through sleek rods in the superficial and deep layers of the fatty tissues, creating small air bubbles in the tumescent solution. These tiny air bubbles pop fat cells from a semisolid cluster to a liquid single-cell state.
By liquifying the fat cells, several advantages are gained. First, the fat cells can be siphoned off instead of ripped out with traditional cannulas. Second, 60% more fat can be removed than traditional liposuction. Third, the superficial fat tissue layers, in addition to the deep fat tissue, the limits of traditional liposuction, can be removed. Finally, the fat removed in single cells is more viable and conducive to optimal fat grafting results, like in Brazilian Butt Lifts. VASER liposuction is quintessential to patients desiring high-definition liposuction results.


Fat removed using ultrasound-assisted liposuction technique is best suited for transferring to any areas of the body that require volume replacement. This is because ultrasound-assisted liposuction provides a gentler means of fat harvesting by its cavitation process that frees up fat cells before removal. As a result, areas of your body lacking volume can be reshaped to optimize contour aesthetics. Areas targeted for fat transfer may include the breasts (natural breast augmentation), the buttock (Brazilian Butt Lift, i.e., BBL), the face, hands, or divots following Botched liposuction.


The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) shapes the buttocks and hips by replacing fat collected from other areas of the body. Butt enhancement can improve the buttock aesthetics and overall female curve appeal. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the BBL has become the fastest-growing cosmetic surgery in the nation. Advances made at our centers provide a 90+ % fat volume retention compared to traditional techniques associated with a 40% volume loss at six months. In addition, we use a proprietary BBL assessment tool that ensures patients achieve their desired buttock volume and shape. Call us today to find out what a BBL can do for you.


Fat transfer allows you to improve the shape and volume of your breast to achieve a natural breast augmentation. We are no longer limited to breast implants to augment our breasts. More impressive is the fact that fat can be used much like puddy to fill out any areas of the breast mound, so we are not limited to augmentation with a single round implant shape. This advantage of fat makes it ideal not only for a modest increase in size but also for breast augmentation revision of contour irregularities or deformities caused by prior breast lift or implant augmentation surgeries. Call us today to find out more information on NBA.


Our surgeons can use tiny cannulas to replace volume lost in your face and hands through the aging process. Optimized fat transfer using our High Definition Protocol will bring back the youthful appearance you are reminiscing about. Your face and hands are giveaways of your age, so take the first step to rejuvenate yourself by calling us today.



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