High definition liposuction is considered a "Game Changer" in the body contouring arena.
HD Lipo allows your surgeon to precisely sculpt your body to previously unattainable results.

From simple improvements in problem areas to major full-body transformations...



Precision Body


If you’ve struggled with weight gain, and exercise and diet just haven't given you the dramatic transformation you’d like, VASERlipo® can help.

  • Is Precise and Minimally invasive
  • Is Tissue selective, targeting fat while protecting other tissues from damage
  • Provides major Advantages over traditional liposuction treatment
  • Is Gentle enough to treat delicate areas such as the neck and arms
  • Powerful enough to eliminate fat comprehensively and circumferentially
  • Clinically proven to produce uniform, flawless, and "eye-catching" results
  • Creates a platform for "Jaw-Dropping" outcomes
  • Provides maximal narrowing of the waist
  • Provides optimal buttocks Reshaping and Augmentation
  • Eliminates all back contour rolls and fullness
  • Allows for abdominal etching to get you a "six-pack"
  • Provides only corrective modality for prior Botched liposuction deformities
  • Allows for Scar-less Skin Tightening

HD Lipo  is a "Game Changer" in the body contouring world. Two factors are essential to achieving high definition liposuction outcomes. The first requires mastery in VASER technology which requires surgical experience and artistry. The second critical factor includes patient selection which needs to be objectified utilizing the high definition liposuction body scale which subsequently determines the optimum surgical design.


Featured Case of the Month

Our featured patient is a 27-year-old female who demonstrates transformative changes that are "jaw-dropping" three months following her high definition liposuction surgery. Her starting high definition liposuction (HDL) body scale score was 4 points for her abdomen and 6 points for her back and buttocks.

Based on her starting HDL Body Scale Score, she was recommended to undergo a full tummy tuck with muscle plication in the front and Vaser liposuction with Renuvion® skin tightening of the back and flanks as well as fat transfer to the buttocks (Brazilian Buttocks Lift). Following our high definition liposuction protocol, this patient has been transformed to an HDL body scale of 8 points in the front abdominal region and 9-10 points in the back and buttocks region. The patient may elect to complete VASER liposuction of her abdomen to pull her abdominal HDL body scale to a 9 -10 points.

Back contouring with butt lift
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