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Optimized Chest Appearance - the Sculpted Chest; Chest Sculpting with High Definition Liposuction

Sculpting of your chest for optimized chest appearance. Say goodbye to Chest day at the Gym

The sculpted chest involves sculpting the chest unlike body contouring performed with traditional liposuction.

Chest sculpting to create an optimized chest appearance is not attained with routine gynecomastia surgery. Instead, the goal of chest masculinization is to create a bigger chest. However, this chest is characterized by a chest that is bold yet masculinized. The characteristics of a masculinized chest include a flat rather than rounded mound as well as straight edges rather than curved outlines. An analogy that we make is that of creating a plateau rather than a hill. The goal of high-definition chest sculpting is the optimized chest appearance that men would only achieve with devoted chest workouts; a typical chest workout performed by men would include chest exercises such as chest press, i.e. bench press. The goal of training the chest includes enlarging chest muscles. Unfortunately, if your fat content is high, then your efforts may not pay off. The typical male client desiring high-definition chest sculpting describes frequent body exercises that include the arms, chest, shoulders, and back but without achieving the masculine chest results that create the armor chest plate appearance.

Male High Definition Liposuction Preoperative Markings for chest sculpting
Male High Def Chest Sculpting to achieve the armor plate optimized chest appearance.

Second, to achieve the high definition of the chest wall, we have to take in to consideration a patient’s muscular and bony chest anatomy. The major muscle groups include the pectoralis muscle, which creates the bulk of central chest fullness, as well as the latissimus muscle and the serratus anterior muscles. The latissimus muscle creates the most lateral border creating a shield-like border; the latissimus is bordered medially by rib cartilages and smaller interdigitating serratus muscles.

When definition is lost due to weight gain, lack of directed exercise or due to genetics, high definition liposuction chest sculpting, can make dramatic corrections.

Optimized chest scupting
A 37-year-old male benefitting from chest sculitng following VASER high definition liposuction of the abdomen, lateral chest, pubic region, flanks, and fat grafting to the breasts to masculinize his chest appearance.
Optimized chest sculpting
A 37-year-old male demonstrates chest sculpting following VASER high definition liposuction of the abdomen, lateral chest, pubic region, flanks, and fat grafting to the breasts to masculinize his chest.
Optimized Chest appearance with gynecomastia repair
A 46-year-old male with optimized chest sculpting following gynecomastia repair.
High Def Gynecomastia Repair chest sculpting
Male client demosntrating High Def Gynecomastia Repair for his chest sculpting.
High definition liposuction chest sculpting
Male client loves his High Def Lipo Chest Sculpting.
High Definition Chest Sculpting
Male client enjoying hisi Sculpted chest with High Definition Body Contouring.

Optimized Chest Appearance - Removes glandular tissue and Repositions fat to achieve outcomes not achieved wtih chest workout with chest press

Surgery requires a combination of both direct gland excision of the firm disc representing the mammary tissue but as well as repositioning the fat. The fat is removed from throughout the chest periphery and then added back along the medial vertical region to create a central chest pillars. When chest pillars are optimally created then a sternal line is observed that creates the armor chest plate appearance.  As such, high definition chest contouring includes both global liposuction and fat transfer to very strategic regions to create linear pentagonal shape that is characteristic of the armor chest plate desired by male clients.

Are you ready to focus on your Arms and Back rather than more Chest Days?

How many chest flies can you do on chest days? It may seem like all of your efforts to achieve a masculinized and sculpted chest are failing. Thankfully, high-definition body sculpting provides the ability to sculpt your upper chest and lower chest once and for all. This means focusing on working out your arms, back, and buttocks and not focusing on chest exercises.

Sculpting your chest results in the ability to secure a masculine and refined chest without the need to commit to chest exercises at the gym. Say goodbye to chest day and perform chest fly routines to get bigger. If you do perform a chest routine, it will be solely to show off your chest and because you enjoy doing it!

This blog was written for all the guys who are tired of not seeing results after years of chest work. They have read all the manuals on "How to get the optimized chest appearance,' but nothing has worked. Sculpting of your chest will afford you the luxury of focusing your attention on your arms and shoulders. An additional deltoid workout each week will help you get stronger shoulders that will improve your physique globally. An additional shoulder workout that would have been normally designated to a chest day, would result in a stronger and more proportionate shoulder appearance.

Optimized Chest Appearance by creating an Armor Chest Plate

The creation of the armor chest plate was developed at our center and describes the ultimate in male chest sculpting for men who desire a chest that is harmonious with an abdomen that has been sculpted to unveil a six-pack. The details of this chest sculpting procedure can be appreciated in a peer-reviewed manuscript published in The Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

High Definition Male Chest Sculpting
High Definition Male Chest Contouring

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