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    Our Ask a Doctor Liposuction Questions portal on the High Definition Liposuction website provides the opportunity to ask our expert HD lipo surgeons any questions regarding liposuction. All questions are evaluated and responded to by our HD lipo providers and your questions and answers are kept completely confidential. In addition, there is no obligation to complete a formal consultation if you are not interested. Please note that our HD lipo experts are quite busy so please provide us a 24 to 48-hour window to get your prompt and thorough answers. Prospective clients also have the opportunity to submit photos if they feel that it will help our expert body contouring specialists more accurately answer their questions. If you are interested in high-definition liposuction and ask a doctor liposuction questions, we encourage you to submit your concerns today.

    Dr. Babak Moein is a well-regarded Cosmetic Surgeon in Los Angeles who specializes in liposuction performed both under local as well as general anesthesia. Patients contact Dr. Moein weekly to have their questions answered regarding liposuction. Patients motivated to proceed with surgery are also offered an opportunity to meet with Dr. Moein to complete a more detailed history and examination to determine whether they would make a good candidate for liposuction. Patients who are found to be good candidates for liposuction will be provided with a personalized and detailed surgical plan that will be designed to satisfy their body contouring goals.