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Mustafa Ahmed MD

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Las Vegas Body Sculpting is a full-service cosmetic surgery practice offering excellent surgical results using the latest tools and techniques in cosmetic surgery to men and women in and around Southern Nevada.

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Dr. Mustafa Ahmed, MD, FACS

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Las Vegas High Definition Liposuction

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Las Vegas, Nevada

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When considering cosmetic surgery, it’s essential to appreciate that these are serious medical procedures that require a skilled and experienced approach. Dr. Ahmed is triple board-certified and has received advanced training in surgery, critical surgical care, and internal medicine.

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Dr. Ahmed is one of Southern Nevada’s leading aesthetics surgeons and the Las Vegas Body Sculpting director. He is triple board certified and has performed surgery since 2006. His passion is cosmetic surgery, helping patients achieve the physique of their dreams. Dr. Ahmed specializes in cosmetic and bariatric surgery. Over a decade-long career as a surgeon, he has presided over many procedures and knows what it takes to make patients look and feel their best.