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Liposuction Videos

Finding the right plastic surgeon can be hard, but thanks to technology and social media there are a lot more resources to help aid you in your search. Before and after photos are a great starting place. Plastic surgeons always provide before and after photos of their work to help familiarize new patients with liposuction procedures and what kind of liposuction results to expect. Patients should be able to find a plastic surgeon before and after photos on their websites and social media accounts. However, photographs are limited to being static and two-dimensional views.  However, Dr. Mowlavi takes this step further and provides his potential patient’s liposuction videos. A liposuction video offers a more dynamic perspective compared to static before and after photos.

 Seeing the procedure in three-dimensions is almost as good as seeing a patient in  real lift. Liposuction videos are a more realistic view because the curves and contours carved by the plastic surgeon are clearer when viewed from infinite views. In addition, the movements on a video allow for appreciation of 4D liposuction which has been popularized by high definition liposuction protocols. 4D describes how the muscle highlights both in static state when not moving but also in a dynamic state when moving. A liposuction video is the only means of appreciating the elegance of 4D liposuction.

Dr. Mowlavi is an advocate of presenting his liposuction videos during surgery. This is because you get to literally appreciate what has been achieved at the time of surgery. Often times, surgeons will show you remarkable before and after photos that really should be merited to the patient’s hard work after surgery. This is because patients will often get motivated to work out and improve their nutrition following surgery. Well if they have improved their figure because of their hard work, this credit may be given to the surgeon in a before and after. With a liposuction video that has been captured during surgery, this illusion will not be misconstrued. What you see is what the surgeon has achieved! In fact, there is usually swelling during surgery so if it looks good on the operating room table, you know it will look excellent when completely healed.

A final favorite of Dr. Mowlavi’s liposuction videos is selfies that patients will send him from time to time. Patients love to send him their liposuction video as a selfie when working out or out on the town to give thanks for their new figure. Dr. Mowlavi prides himself on the liposuction videos that patients send him as they demonstrate the final product in motion. If you would like to see a liposuction video we encourage you to go to Instagram #drlaguna or our youtube channel #Arian Mowlavi.