Unlocking Renuvion Benefits High Definition Liposuction

How Renuvion Benefits High Definition Liposuction

Introduction: How Renuvion Benefits High Definition Liposuction

What is Renuvion? It is the most advanced energy technology in liposuction surgery as it allows patients with minimal to moderate skin redundancy to still attain high-definition liposuction results. Renuvion® combines the unique properties of Cold Helium Plasma with the efficiency of RF energy.

Matter of Energy Renuvion

How Renuvion Benefits High Definition Liposuction Details

This synergy allows for definitive skin tightening with high precision and yet avoidance of thermal damage to surrounding tissue. Renuvion® uses a gentle RF waveform to convert an inert gas into a cold plasma. Helium is utilized as it can be converted to plasma with very little energy. The result is an energy that is unique in its ability to provide tissue heating and cooling almost simultaneously. Unique heating of Renuvion® uses both Cold Helium Plasma and RF energy to heat tissue.

A small amount of Helium gas is energized into a plasma, which contours to the application area and evenly delivers the energy. The proprietary RF waveform flows through this conductive plasma to create additional beneficial heating of target tissue. As the tip of the Renuvion® device is drawn across an application area, the energy is applied under the skin uniformly along the overlying dermis and retaining cutaneous ligaments. This allows for a full coagulative treatment, customized in real-time to the unique needs of the patient’s skin contours. As such, Renuvion® is applied under the skin as a subdermal coagulator, resulting in localized tightening of the skin.

The proprietary RF waveform flows through this conductive plasma to create additional beneficial heating of target tissue.
HDL Body Scale Male

In summary, How Renuvion benefits high definition liposuction is by tightening the skin of patients with minimal to moderate skin redundancy to achieve high-definition liposuction results. When we consider the HD Lipo Body Scale below we recognize the critical benefits of Renuvion® to patients desiring high-definition results.

Whereas patients with an HDL body scale of 7 to 8 can achieve high-definition results (HDL body scale of 9 to 10) with Vaser liposuction alone, patients with a grade of 6 to 7 will require a simultaneous application of Renuvion® following Vaser Liposuction so that comprehensive removal of fat does not result in skin irregularities. Only Renuvion® can allow patients to eliminate skin redundancy without the need for surgical incisions reserved for tucking procedures.

Vaser liposuction
HDL Body Scale Male

A 57-year-old female following VASER high definition liposuction and Renuvion skin tightening of the arms demonstrating elimination of underarm fat and skin redundancy with no surgical tucking.

In conclusion, Renuvion® is a critical tool for achieving high-definition liposuction results to patients with skin redundancy desiring high-end liposuction results.

liposuction results:  before and after image
HD VASER lipo of abdomen, lateral thighs, flanks, lower, middle, upper back, neck, arms, fat grafting to buttock Renuvion skin tightening of the upper/middle/lower back, arms, neck.

The Advantages of How Renuvion Benefits High Definition Liposuction

High definition liposuction, also known as HD lipo or 6-pack liposuction, is a specialized technique that enhances muscular definition and highlights natural contours. It involves meticulous removal of fat deposits between and around muscle groups to create a chiseled, athletic appearance. Renuvion technology has revolutionized HD lipo by allowing surgeons to not only remove fat, but also tighten and contour the treatment area.

Renuvion Benefits High Definition Liposcution Enhancing Aesthetic Outcomes

How Renuvion benefits high definition liposuction is by addressing the issue of loose skin after fat removal. It ensures that the skin conforms to the newly sculpted contours, enhancing the overall aesthetic result.

Target Areas for How Renuvion Benefits High Definition Liposuction to Achieve Optimal Results

  • Abdomen: Achieving a flatter, more toned stomach.
  • Waist: Enhancing the waistline for a more defined silhouette.
  • Thighs and Arms: Tightening skin to match the leaner, sculpted look.
  • Neck: Addressing skin laxity for a more youthful neck profile.
How Renuvion Benefits High Definition Liposuction.
How Renuvion Benefits High Definition Liposuction.

The Immediate and Long-Term Renuvion Benefits of High Definition Liposuction

Renuvion not only provides immediate skin tightening but also stimulates collagen production, leading to continued improvement in skin quality over time.

Renuvion before and after benefits HD Liposuction outcomes
Our patient demonstrates how Renuvion benefits high defintion liposuction outcomes.

How Renuvion Benefits High Definition Liposuction Results

Renuvion, previously known as J-Plasma, utilizes patented helium plasma energy to coagulate tissue and tighten skin. This provides several advantages over traditional HD lipo:

More Precise Fat Removal and Skin Tightening

The Renuvion handpiece allows for extremely targeted heating of fat and tissue irregularities. This achieves better fat removal in difficult-to-treat spots like the abdomen, flanks and back. The heat also uniformly tightens and smoothes overlying skin for better contouring.

Less Fat Regrowth and Loose Skin

By coagulating the underlying fibrous bands, Renuvion shrinks the skin envelope and strengthens connections between skin and muscle. This prevents the loosening that can happen with aggressive liposuction alone. It also reduces fat cell regrowth and swelling.

Faster Healing and Recovery Time

Renuvion’s sealing of blood vessels, lymph vessels and nerve endings means less bruising, swelling, bleeding and pain after surgery. This allows a quicker return to normal activities. The technique also involves smaller incisions, further speeding recovery.

Improved Safety Profile

Renuvion is associated with lower risk of complications like seroma fluid buildup, infection and scarring versus traditional HD liposuction. Thermal damage is limited to precise areas targeted by the device. This enhances safety near vulnerable structures like nerves and organs.

Candidates for How Renuvion Benefits High Definition Liposuction

Ideal candidates for Renuvion high definition liposuction include:

  • Patients ages 18 and over in good health seeking abdominal and torso sculpting.
  • Patients with good skin elasticity and localized fat bulges.
  • Patients who are close to their ideal body weight.
  • Former obese patients with loose skin seeking tighter, more toned results.
  • Athletes and bodybuilders looking to accentuate muscularity.

Renuvion benefits high definition liposuction by tightening loose skin after major weight loss. However, patients with poor skin elasticity may still require an excisional procedure like a tummy tuck for optimal results. Your surgeon will advise you on the best treatment options during an initial consultation.

The Renuvion HD Lipo Procedure

The Renuvion HD lipo procedure takes 1-3 hours depending on the number of treatment areas. It is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia plus sedation. The basic steps include:

  1. Infusion of tumescent solution to numb the area and constrict blood vessels.
  2. Insertion of small liposuction cannulas to remove excess fat. This enhances muscular definition.
  3. Insertion of the Renuvion wand through the same incisions. Pulses of thermal energy are applied beneath the skin to coagulate tissue.
  4. Additional contouring with liposuction as needed to refine the physique.
  5. Closure of small incisions with sutures.

Most patients can return to desk work within a few days and resume light exercise in 2-4 weeks. Swelling takes 2-3 months to fully subside. Final results are visible at approximately 6 months after surgery as skin tightening continues to improve over several months.

VASER liposuction and Renuvion skin tightening
Patient sent her Selfie and a thank you note following Renuvion skin tightening and VASER liposuction.

Benefits of Combining Renuvion with Other Body Contouring Procedures

Renuvion benefits high definition liposuction when combined with other procedures to further enhance hi def lipo:

  • Power-assisted liposuction (PAL) – PAL uses a reciprocating cannula to remove fat more efficiently.
  • Laser lipolysis – Laser energy liquefies fat prior to aspiration, aiding removal.
  • Fat transfer to buttocks/calves – Fat removed via HD lipo can augment other areas.
  • Gynecomastia surgery – Removal of male breast tissue creates a contoured chest.
  • CoolSculpting – This non-invasive cryolipolysis can debulk areas before refinements with HD lipo.

A customized combination approach helps maximize each patient’s aesthetic goals for the body they desire.

Conclusion: Renuvion Benefits High Definition Liposuction

Renuvion technology represents an exciting advance in high definition body contouring. By delivering targeted liposuction plus revolutionary skin tightening, Renuvion helps patients achieve chiseled abdominal definition and an overall sleek, toned appearance. This innovative technology supports excellent cosmetic outcomes with enhanced safety, quicker recovery, and natural-looking results that turn heads. Renuvion benefits high definition liposuction. Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine if Renuvion HD lipo can help you accomplish your aesthetic goals.

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