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What Makes Liposuction High Definition?

Introduction: what makes liposuction high definition?

Traditional liposuction is capable of removing fat from areas of the body that have excess fat. Since the removal of fat is limited to the deep layer, often only partial correction of concerned areas is possible. That works for some areas of the body but still leaves more fat than desired in most cases.

What makes liposuction high definition? High definition liposuction is defined by exceptional body contouring results that have been described as jaw-dropping. In order to achieve this degree of contouring, several factors must be achieved. These include extensive knowledge of female and male aesthetic contour preferences, knowledge of underlying muscle anatomy, a customized and sound surgical plan based on patient selection, accurate and extensive preoperative markings, and mastery in advanced liposuction technology.

The surgical plan must account and manage for not only the amount of excess fat but also the degree of skin redundancy. Advanced liposuction technologies, such as VASER, allow for both superficial and deep fat layers to be eliminated. This more comprehensive ability to remove fat provides experienced and skilled surgeons to create stunning results by virtue of sculpting the body.

What is high definition liposuction?

What makes liposuction High-definition is the ability to remove fat comprehensively. High definition liposuction describes the GOLD STANDARD amongst the various liposuction standards. It is defined by several criteria that we strive for. The first is that the improvements in contour must be dramatic. This is in contrast to conventional liposuction which allows for partial removal, isolated to the deep layer of fat that can only debulk a concerned area. In contrast, high definition liposuction allows for a more comprehensive removal of fat from both the deep but also the superficial layers of fat.

In order to aggressively remove fat in this way, it is necessary to utilize a modality that is able to retrieve fat from the superficial fat layer that is constrained by having a tight network of fibrous cables. These fibrous cables are called retaining ligaments and preserve the integrity of the skin by keeping it attached to the underlying muscles. Unfortunately, these cables also limit the ability of the liposuction cannulas to traverse across the superficial layer thus making removal of fat not feasible.

What makes liposuction high definition is the ability to use ultrasound energy to first melt the fat in the superficial layers. Then the liposuction cannulas are used to remove the fat while traversing the across the deep layers. Once the deep fat layer has been removed, then the superficial fat can be removed by utilizing compression coupling which pushes the melted superficial fat into the deep layer for removal. This ability to remove fat comprehensively allows your surgeon the advantage of sculpting muscles that are unique to high definition liposuction.

What Makes Liposuction High Definition
What Makes Liposuction High Definition

What makes liposuction High definition is the ability to unveil underlying muscles

Sculpting of muscles with high-definition liposuction allows your surgeon to unveil underlying muscle highlights. This unique feature of high-definition liposuction makes this body contouring technique superior to all other liposuction modalities. The sculpting of muscles has been described as 3-dimensional contouring. When this ability to contour muscles is applied to the abdominal region, it allows for the creation of a six-pack in men and four-pack in women.

Even more technical sculpting involves the sculpting of muscles with attention to how the muscles interact with each other and how their shape is altered with motion. Coined 4 Dimensional contouring, this advanced high definition liposuction bar must be performed taking into account how muscle groups move and how their shape gets altered depending on their positioning. For example, the pectoralis muscles are best sculpted with your arms at 45 degrees rather than at 90 degrees or down by your side. When such attention to detail is given to you circumferentially, then another advantage is realized.

High Definition Liposuction - Unveiling underlying muscles
Our patient demonstrates high definition liposuction that unveils the underlying muscles.

High-definition liposuction creates a sculpture

Circumferential liposuction is realized when the body is contoured like it is a living statue. Sculpting the body in a three-dimensional and circumferential manner is termed 360 liposuction and it is another integral component of high definition liposuction. This is because high definition liposuction must ensure that the body is aesthetically pleasing when viewed from all angles.

When sculpting your body from all angles becomes apparent that limiting contouring to the front and back only is not adequate. Instead, it is necessary to contour the sides, where the flanks, love handles, and axilla or armpits are located is perhaps more critical than the front and back. This is because the sides serve as a junction between the front and the back. In fact, the differences in contour aesthetics between men and women are most noticeable over the sides.

What makes liposuction High definition is gender-specific aesthetics

A final component of what makes liposuction high definition is that it abides by the gender-specific aesthetic guidelines. These criteria for achieving high definition liposuction must adhere to the creation of gender-specific differences. This means appreciating the difference between men and women when contouring the abdomen, the flanks, love handles, the lower back, the middle back, the upper back, and even the buttocks. If you are interested in learning more about high definition liposuction, we urge you to contact one of our patient coordinators at high definition liposuction centers.

Our patient demonstrating high definition liposuction gender specifice aesthetics
Our patient demonstrating what makes liposuction high definition liposuction

Conclusion: What Makes Liposuction High Definition?

What makes liposuction high definition is multifold. First, more detailed fat removal including comprehensive and selective, is achieved with ultrasound energy. Second, any skin redundancy is addressed. Finally, gender specific aesthetics are utilized to contour the body. These three prerequisites are met by using advanced tools and proprietary protocols. If you wish to have superior body contouring results, we recommend that you consider a consultation from one of our best liposuction doctors.

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