HDL Body Scale: Understanding Hi Def Lipo in 2024

What is the High Definition Liposuction HDL Body Scale?

Introduction: What is the high definition liposuction HDL body scale?

The high definition liposuction body scale was designed to assist our doctors to:
1. Customize a sound surgical plan
2. Ensure high definition body contouring outcomes
3. Objectify body contouring gains

The scale takes into account the degree of:

  • Excess fat
  • Skin redundancy
  • Skin texture changes

The HDL body scale point ranges from 2 to 10. Grades 9 and 10 denote near perfection and a true high definition result. By assigning point values to areas of patient concern, the doctor is able to devise a sound surgical plan that will effectively treat the areas. By utilizing the HDL body scale to guide patient selection and surgical design, high definition liposuction outcomes are more attainable.

High definition liposuction has been coined to identify liposuction results that are “jaw-dropping”. “Jaw-dropping” results are appreciated when body contours are transformed in a radical manner with the ultimate goal of achieving a near PERFECT 9 or 10 body. High definition liposuction is considered a “Game Changer” in the body contouring arena as it allows your surgeon to precisely sculpt your body in a 360-degree circumferential manner to previously unattainable results.

Several factors must be accounted for to achieve high definition liposuction results and these include appropriate patient selection and a customized and strategically sound operative plan. We introduce the High Definition Liposuction HDL body scale that assigns body scores ranging from 2 to 10 by taking into account the degree of fat excess, amount of skin redundancy, as well as quality and extent of skin texture changes. The HDL body scale will assist surgeons in establishing preoperative start points, guiding patient selection, designing a customized sound surgical plan, and objectifying outcomes. The HDL body scale allows surgeons to improve their HDL outcomes.

High Definition Liposuction Body Scale
High Definition Liposuction Body Scale guides our surgeons when sculpting the abdomen to achieve otpimal waistlilne narrowing.

High Definition Liposuction

High definition liposuction (HDL) describes a higher standard of body contouring when compared to traditional liposuction techniques. HDL outcomes are superior to traditional body contouring results in that they allow for the transformation of body contours that are circumferential, termed 360, and allow for the creation of stunning 3-dimensional liposculpture outcomes. In order to achieve HDL results, several factors must be fulfilled and these include mastery in ultrasound-assisted liposuction and helium-activated plasma radiofrequency skin contraction as well as appropriate patient selection and sound surgical operative plan.

Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction

VASER probes that provide ultrasound energy to tissues resulting in fat transformation from solid to liquid
VASER probes that provide ultrasound energy to tissues resulting in fat transformation from solid to liquid

The 1st critical factor in achieving HDL contouring results involves mastery in ultrasound-assisted liposuction technology. Ultrasound energy allows for cavitation of not only the deep fat but also the superficial fat which is not amenable to controlled removal using traditional liposuction cannulas. This is because the superficial layer of fat contains a high density of cutaneous retaining ligaments that compartmentalize the superficial layer of fat.

This compartmentalization disallows the liposuction cannula from freely penetrating this layer. If traditional liposuction of this layer is attempted, contour irregularities are likely since uniform fat removal is not feasible. Instead, ultrasound-assisted liposuction rods that are small caliber can be used to cavitate or melt the fat from not only the deep but also the superficial layer.

Once the fat cells have been converted from a semisolid to a liquid consistency both layers are amenable to fat removal. This will result in the ability to remove the fat with conventional liposuction cannulas while being placed in the deep layer. Whereas the deep layer of fat is siphoned out entirely, the superficial fat cells require compression coupling with your nondominant hand to be removed. Compression coupling allows for selective removal of the superficial fat which allows for the creation of muscle highlights and dramatic reductions in fat volume such as in waistline narrowing.

Helium-activated plasma and Radiofrequency

Renuvion J plasma device
Renuvion J plasma device used to emit radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin and soft tissues.

The 2nd critical factor in achieving HDL contouring results involves mastery of helium-activated plasma and radiofrequency technology. This technology allows for the contraction of the skin and soft tissues using minimally invasive techniques that avoid excisional surgery with surgical incision lines. This technology utilizes thermal energy to effectively contract collagen molecules by increasing temperatures instantly and in a focused manner to 85 degrees Celsius for 0.044 seconds.

This quick on-and-off treatment duration forbids the epidermal temperatures from reaching 47 degrees Celsius, the temperature at which the epidermis can undergo a thermal injury. This safety profile prevents the machine from having to monitor external temperatures. Finally, quick treatment times of 5 to 10 minutes per area allow for full-body skin tightening to be effectively completed in the operative setting.

Appropriate Patient Selection and Sound Surgical Operative Plan

The final factors for attaining HDL results are the appropriate patient selection and subsequent sound surgical operative plan. Strategic planning of your surgery stresses the importance of patient selection. High-definition liposuction strives to achieve a near PERFECT 9 or 10 body. In order for your surgeon to achieve superior outcomes, he or she must acknowledge the importance of appropriate patient selection. Patient selection is dictated by the degree of excess fat, amount of skin redundancy, and quality and extent of skin texture changes. The High Definition Liposuction (HDL) Body Scale has been designed to objectify patient selection considerations above to guide surgical plan design and to objectify achieved improvements in patient outcomes.

A diagram showing the different stages of a man's body.
A diagram showing the different stages of a man’s body.

Male HDL Body Scale

Female HDL Scale
Female HDL Body Scale

Female HDL Body Scale

High Definition Body Scale and Scores

HDL Body ScoreDegree of Fat ExcessAmount of Skin RedundancySkin TextureExtent of skin Texture Changes
8Minimal to ModerateMinimalExcellent 
7Min to ModerateMinimal to ModerateExcellent 
6ModerateMinimal to ModerateExcellent 
5ModerateModeratePoor to ExcellentFocal
4Moderate to SevereModeratePoorFocal
3SevereModerate to SeverePoorFocal to Extensive

Surgical Algorithm dictated by the HDL Body Scale score

HDL BODY Score IntervalsOptimum Surgical Plan
9-10True HD results that we strive for
7-9VASER Liposuction
5-7VASER Liposuction + Renuvion
4-5VASER Liposuction + Strategic Tucking
2-4Staged: 1st) Total Body Lift 2nd) VASER Liposuction

Conclusion: What is the High Definition Liposuction HDL Body Scale

This article presents a body scale for high definition liposuction surgical procedures that provide opportunities to help surgeons improve their surgical outcomes. Using the HDL body scale and surgical algorithm presented and with appropriate training in the use of VASER and Renuvion technology, surgeons alike should be able to improve their outcomes and increase their patient satisfaction.

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