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Dr. Jack Zamora

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Specializing in innovative cosmetic applications for the face, eyes, and body

Practice Description:

Dr. Zamora and his teams offer surgical and non-surgical facial refinement, skin rejuvenation, and body sculpting services. Dr. Zamora specializes in exceptional patient care and providing procedures that achieve natural-looking results with as little downtime as possible. His straightforward assessments and extreme attention to detail give patients comfort and confidence.

As the creator of J-Plazty®, Dr. Zamora has received national and international attention for his revolutionary technique. J-Plazty® is a minimally invasive procedure that uses Renuvion plasma energy sub-dermally to instantly tighten and rejuvenate skin anywhere on the face and body without large incisions, downtime, or the complications of traditional surgery.


Jack Zamora

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Jack Zamora MD Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics

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Denver, Cherry Creek North, Westminster, Northern Colorado

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Personal Bio:

As an authority on skin tightening applications, Dr. Zamora has seen remarkable results with plasma and often combines it with other radiofrequency (RF) modalities for superior rejuvenation. Utilizing his plasma techniques with micro and macroneedling radiofrequency (RF), Dr. Zamora is seeing unparalleled skin shrinkage as well as tightening of extremely delicate tissue allowing for long-term improvement with less downtime.

Being an international trainer for J-Plazty, Apyx Medical, and Bausch Health Companies Inc., and a luminary for AMP Medical, Lutronic Medical, and Syneron ELOS, Dr. Zamora offers his expertise to physicians from around the globe. He is a regular speaker and consultant who has been featured on The Doctors TV Show and has written on the techniques and parameters of soft tissue coagulation and subcutaneous neck skin plasma tightening.

Education & Training

Dr. Zamora is a leader in minimally invasive treatments. Graduating from Tulane University in New Orleans, he received a doctorate degree in medicine and completed his internship at Boston Medical Center (internal medicine), his residency at Boston University (ophthalmology department), and completed his fellowship at Boston University (ophthalmology and oculoplastics).