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Female HD VASER Lipo and BBL

Introduction: Female HD VASER Lipo and BBL

Female VASER HD lipo and BBL require the creation of a customized, surgically sound design, employment of more advanced tools such as VASER lipo and Renuvion skin tightening, and expertise in high-definition body contouring. “I recently underwent VASER HD Lipo and BBL procedures, and I am extremely satisfied with the results, ” claims our BBL Client. The female VASER HD Lipo and BBL procedure uses ultrasound technology to emulsify fat before it is removed, resulting in smoother and more precise body contouring. The BBL procedure involves transferring the harvested fat to enhance the shape and volume of the buttocks.

Female HD VASER Lipo and BBL Recovery

Female HD VASER Lipo and BBL Intraop

During your surgery, you will be greeted by the entire team which will include your personal nurse who will take care of you both during surgery as well as after surgery throughout your recovery. In addition, you be introduced to your anesthesiologist who will be monitoring you throughout the surgery. Your surgeon will take your intraoperative photographs and then spend some time detailing the steps of your surgery with meticulous preoperative markings. These markings are a critical part of your female HD VASER lipo and BBL as they will guide your surgery throughout the case.

Next, you will be transferred to the operating room where you will be prepped and draped in a circumferential manner while standing. Circumferential prepping is an advanced method of ensuring that your entire body remains sterile throughout the case as most HD body contouring cases employ a 360-degree contouring approach.

Next, you will be placed on the operating room table and your anesthesia will be induced. During your case, the surgeon will sculpt your body like an artisan creating a glorified statue. You may be turned multiple times during the case until the surgeon is satisfied with your entire contour especially the lateral transitions between your front side and back side

At the end of your operation, your surgeon will customize your garment by fitting your garment with a foam inlay. You will be awakened and taken to the postoperative room for recovery.

Female HD VASER Lipo and BBL Recovery

After the procedures, you may experience some swelling and discomfort, but the recovery process is manageable with proper post-operative care and rest. The results are significant, with a more defined waistline, enhanced curves, and a shapely buttock area. I am thrilled with my new body shape and overall satisfaction with the procedures.

I recommend following post-operative care instructions closely after your female HD VASER lipo and BBL and being proactive during the recovery process. You will feel much better following your lymphatic messages. This is why we recommend a minimum of 4 serial lymphatic massages and as many as 10 lymphatic massages following your surgery.

How to Prepare for Female HD VASER Lipo and BBL

The first preparation is to choose the right surgeon. It’s essential to choose a skilled and experienced surgeon to achieve the best results. You should ask to see before and after photos to showcase potential transformation to highlight the changes that you can expect in your body shape. In this way, you can appreciate the changes that you will observe during your female HD VASER lipo and BBL will have on you.

In addition, you will have to plan for your surgery so that you have adequate time off of work to heal. Also, you will have to arrange for a responsible adult to help you during your early postoperative period.

Conclusion: Female HD VASER Lipo and BBL

In summary, female HD VASER lipo and BBL is one of the most exciting body contouring protocols providing you outstanding contouring outcomes. In this blog we have covered intraoperative details, recovery, and predatory steps to getting you the body of your dreams.

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