High Definition Liposuction Body Scale

Transformations – High Definition Liposuction Body Scale

Patient selection is one of the most critical steps to providing successful body contouring results. This involves assessing the degree of fat excess, skin redundancy, as well as the quality of skin texture.

The degree of both fat excess and skin redundancy will determine whether comprehensive or selective fat can be removed. Degree of skin redundancy will dictate whether less invasive techniques, such as the Renuvion, will be sufficient to tighten the skin or whether a simultaneous mini-truck or even a staged full-tucking procedure will be required.

First, patients are assigned a point score based on the High Definition Liposuction (HDL) Body Scale. Each patient’s starting HDL body score is used to create a customized surgical plan with the intent of reaching a near-perfect 9 or 10. The HDL Body Scale ranges from 2 to 10 scale (10 being a perfect and TRUE high definition liposuction result) as below:
HDL Body Scale
Male HDL Body Scale
Female HDL Scale
Female HDL Body Scale

The HDL Body Scale allows talented VASER surgeons to address contouring concerns with strategic surgical designs to achieve a near-perfect 9 or 10 result. The HDL Body Scale is CRITICAL to creating an am ideal Surgical Protocol to achieve High Definition Results (HDL Body Score 9-10).

After the HDL Body Scale evaluation and scoring, we tailor your surgical treatment plan so that you are sure to reach a body score of near-perfect 9 or 10 after surgery. To learn about the correct surgical plan for your body, schedule a free consult with Dr. Mowlavi.

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