What makes liposuction high definition?

Traditional liposuction is capable of removal of fat from areas of the body that have excess fat. Since the removal of fat is limited to the deep layer, often only partial correction of concerned areas is possible. That works for some areas of the body but still leaves more fat than desired in most cases.

High definition liposuction is defined by exceptional body contouring results that have been described as jaw-dropping. In order to achieve this degree of contouring, several factors must be achieved. These include extensive knowledge of female and male aesthetic contour preferences, knowledge of underlying muscle anatomy, a customized and sound surgical plan based on patient selection, accurate and extensive preoperative markings, and mastery in advanced liposuction technology.

The surgical plan must account and manage for not only the amount of excess fat but also the degree of skin redundancy. Advanced liposuction technologies, such as VASER, allow for both superficial and deep fat layers to be eliminated. This more comprehensive ability to remove fat provides experienced and skilled surgeons to create stunning results by virtue of sculpting the body.