Optimized Chest Appearance

In order to achieve high definition contouring - chest sculpting - of the male chest, we utilize a two-step approach during surgery.

First, we strategically remove the breast mammary tissues.

This surgery requires either liposuction or direct excision of the firmer disc of mammary tissue right under the nipple and areola. In many cases both approaches are best used. This firm disc like tissue is actually the male version of the female mammary glands which cannot always be removed with liposuction alone. The second component of chest contouring includes both liposuction and fat transfer of very strategic areas that will create the necessary contour to give a sculpted, high definition, armor plate look that is desired in a male.

Male High Definition Liposuction Preoperative Markings

Second, to achieve the high definition of the chest wall, we have to take in to consideration a patient’s muscular and bony chest anatomy. The major muscle groups include the pectoralis muscle, which creates the bulk of central chest fullness, as well as the latissimus muscle and the serratus anterior muscles. The latissimus muscle creates the most lateral border creating a shield-like border; the latissimus is bordered medially by rib cartilages and smaller interdigitating serratus muscles.

When definition is lost due to weight gain, lack of directed exercise or due to genetics, high definition liposuction chest sculpting, can make dramatic corrections.

optimized chest 34 YO Left
Optimized chest 34 YO front

A 37-year-old male following VASER high definition liposuction of the abdomen, lateral chest, pubic region, flanks, and fat grafting to the breasts to masculinize his chest appearance

A 46-year-old male following VASER high definition liposuction of the abdomen, lateral chest, flanks and back as well as chest tapering to achieve an optimized chest appearance.

optimized chest 37 YO front
optimized chest 37 YO left oblique

A 34-year-old male following HD liposuction of the abdomen, lateral chest, pubic region, flanks, and fat grafting to the breasts masculinize his chest appearance.

For more in-depth information about this procedure, see this page on  Dr. Laguna.com
You could benefit from male chest optimization and abdominal contouring revision to make you look amazing. 
Sounds like your doctor was not so renowned after all! In general, I recommend that you consider VASER liposuction on your revision surgery. Please evaluate your doctor's before and afters so that you don't get disappointed again.
You have contour irregularity following male breast surgery; you will require fat graft transfer as well as skin tightening with Viora radiofrequency applications. You will require a single session of fat grafting and four sessions of Viora. If procedures are performed under local anesthetic solution with oral sedation, you can expect to save a lot in expenses.
Chest deformity following gynecomastia is common when optimal techniques are not utilized to address the redundant and excess tissues that require feathering liposuction and direct excision of glandular tissue; at this point, you will require revision gynecomastia surgery to correct your abnormalities.
Your best option to repair your chest is fat grafting which can be done in the office setting with minimal oral sedation; this will run you approx. 2K per session; you cannot do a fat flap because:
1)you will compromise your areola incision
2)you will be stealing from another area in your chest to correct your concern; this will leave you with a divot from where the fat was harvested.
Concavity over the lateral mid breast is common and can be corrected by filling with the fat transfer; you have to make sure that the surrounding area does not to be brought down at the same time.
Your deformity will require fat transfer; this can be done under local anesthetic.
You have gotten reasonable results; maybe a little over resection under the nipples but not horrible. The deformity you create when flexing is to be expected as you remove the overlying fat, flexing your muscles will be more evident on your skin.

What you are observing is suboptimal gynecomastia repair as it seems like a slight over-resection of the tissues under the gland and not enough liposuction of the periphery. Any skin deformities created when flexing can occur following almost any type of breast surgery. Redundant skin will go away with time as long as you are 40 years or younger.

You can have asymmetry of soft tissue fullness or even get fat necrosis following gynecomastia surgery. But this is correctable with a small revision etc.
Unfortunately, I do not appreciate the asymmetry you mention through the photos that you have provided. A physical examination is really necessary to document your deformities.
What you need is gynecomastia surgery which involves not only liposuction but direct excision of your glandular tissues locate just under and around your nipple region. Please make a consultation so that we can show you exactly what you can expect.
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