Ideal Buttocks Shape

Our patients in the U.S. are starting to shift their focus from the breasts to the buttocks.

The desire for the ideal buttocks shape has incentivized physicians to focus on improving techniques to deliver improved buttocks shape and augmented buttocks size.

At our surgical centers, we provide every patient the opportunity to choose their ideal buttocks shape and size in order to convey their goals to their surgeons prior to surgery. Technical advances in fat graft transfer to the buttocks have become possible with VASER technology.

Using the VASER liposuction technology, we can harvest 30-40% more fat than when using traditional liposuction techniques. We can now optimally transfer fat to the buttocks, coined the Brazilian Buttocks Lift (BBL). The ability to improve harvest volumes and fat transfer viability has opened up the door to numerous patients who previously were not considered good candidates for a Brazilian Buttocks Lift. VASER technology not only allows for fat transfer to the buttocks but also allows for optimal narrowing of the tissues around the buttocks. We treat the buttocks like it is the focal point of painting and reinforce the importance of the frame appearance surrounding that painting. We frame the butt by eliminating the bulk of the love handles (i.e. flanks), the central lower back, coined the central diamond, as well as tucking in the lateral thighs and narrowing the medial thighs.

This contrast in surgical objectives regarding tidying up the framework is just as critical as adding to and reshaping the buttocks itself. If buttocks fat transfer does not alleviate any lateral thigh skin redundancy and/or buttocks sagging, then Renuvion subdermal coagulation which tightens the skin without the need of a surgical incision line is utilized. In patients with severe buttocks sagging, a more invasive tucking procedure such as a lateral thigh and buttocks tuck may be necessary.

Superior results are only achieved through true artistry in sculpting. Not only are you going to add fat to the buttocks to create shape, but you might actually remove a little fat to contour the butt for the best look. Furthermore, you must debulk the frame, i.e. the lower back, flanks, and thighs, around the buttocks. Finally, you may have to tighten the skin if needed using minimally invasive Renuvion subdermal coagulation or even an invasive lateral thigh tucking procedure. Buttocks shaping and augmenting has become so precise that patients are asked to choose their perfect buttocks size and shape using a Buttocks assessment tool:

ideal buttocks shape

A 41-year-old female demonstrates an Ideal Buttocks Shape after VASER high definition liposuction of the back, flanks, and fat grafting to the buttocks as well as a lateral thigh and buttocks tuck.

A female patient 3 months following VASER high definition liposuction of flanks, and buttocks augmentation to achieve an ideal shape.

A 27-year-old female who shows her ideal buttock profile after she has undergone Brazillian buttocks augmentation following harvesting of fat from the abdomen, back, flanks, and medial thighs.

A 31-year-old female following VASER high definition liposuction of the belly, thighs, fat grafting to the breast and buttocks, Renuvion of the thighs, back and butt to achieve a beautiful buttocks shape.

ideal buttocks shape

A 22-year-old female following BBL and VASER high definition liposuction of abdomen, flanks, and lateral and medial thighs to achieve an amazing buttocks shape

A 23-year-old female with her dream buttocks shape following VASER high definition liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, and fat grafting to the buttocks.

A 37-year-old female following a BBL and VASER high definition liposuction of the abdomen, back and flanks to achieve a modest but perfect buttocks shape for her.

A 29-year-old female following lateral thigh and buttock tuck and VASER high definition liposuction of the lower back and flanks to achieve ideal buttocks shape.

A 21-year-old female following VASER high definition liposuction of the upper and lower back, flanks,lower lateral thighs, and fat grafting to the lateral buttocks and lateral hips as well as buttocks implant augmentation to create a larger buttocks profile.

A 38-year-old female that shows an Ideal Buttocks Shape following VASER high definition liposuction of the abdomen, back, flanks, and BBL following mini-tucking procedure.

A 29-year-old female following high definition liposuction of the abdomen, medial thighs, lateral thighs, back, and flanks, as well as a BBL using VASER technology and skin tightening Renuvion technology to create an ideal shape.

A 33-year-old female that shows an Ideal Buttocks Shape following VASER high definition liposuction of the abdomen, back, flanks, and BBL.

ideal buttocks shape

A 35-year-old female following VASER high definition liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, back and BBL to achieve ideal buttocks shape.

buttock augmentation patient 3 front left view

A 25-year-old female following VASER high definition liposuction of the abdomen, back, medial thigh, and lateral thighs, and fat transfer to the buttocks (BBL) to achieve ideal buttocks shape.

A 27-year-old female demonstrating an Ideal Buttocks Shape VASER high definition liposuction of the medial thighs, abdomen, back, flanks, lateral thighs, and fat transfer to the buttocks (BBL).

28-year-old female following a Brazilian Butt Lift with high definition liposuction of the back and flanks with breast augmentation

33-year-old female 3 months after her SCUBA BBL surgery. Notice the drastically improved buttocks shape

Great example of the Tilde-Curve™ description of the female silhouette

HD Lipo Podcast #5 – How To Shape Your Buttocks With VASER Lipo featuring Dr. Arian Mowlavi

It is difficult to answer questions without any photos or a consultation. That being said, high definition VASER liposuction is very efficient at sculpting and defining many regions of the body, including the buttock region.

The optimal BBL outcomes are achieved with:

1) use of VASER liposuction to harvest the fat,

2) a closed-looped system such as Puregraft to process the fat, and

3) strategic micro-packet transplant technique. These three processes have demonstrated over 95% fat graft take.

This means that your results will be stable as long as you maintain your weight. As an official VASER trainer, I am routinely referred to unhappy BBL patients. One of the most common reasons for disgruntled BBL patients is that patients are not able to accurately communicate their desired buttocks goals to their surgeons.  A buttocks assessment tool can be an invaluable tool to communicate to your surgeon the exact buttocks size and shape you are desiring.

The most common procedures for this request are butt implants or the Brazilian butt lift (which can also be performed with butt implants). In order to choose the appropriate implant size for your body, you will want to take into account your butt cheek diameter and gluteal muscle width. In the Brazilian butt lift, fat is grafted from other parts of the body, most commonly the abdomen, back and flanks, and is grafted into the butt in order to improve size and contour, resulting in the hourglass figured desired by many patients. 
Due to the size of the indentations and the texture of the skin, excision and filler are recommended. Having both procedures performed would be able to smooth out the indentation and give the best results in terms of aesthetics for the indentation. A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is also an option to shape and contour the entire buttocks if that is desired as well. Fat from different areas of the body like lateral/medial thighs, abdomen, flank, back, arms, etc, are transplanted into the buttocks via liposuction and fat grafting.
Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL involves suctioning fat through liposuction of different areas of the body like lateral/medial thighs, abdomen, flank, back, arms, etc, and then transplanting this fat into the buttocks. The fat will be used for the enhancement and also provide contouring of the areas where the fat was removed. If there was not enough fat from the suctioned areas though, an implant with the BBL may be needed.
It must be very difficult to work and not get the results desired especially with daily exercise and a healthy diet. In terms of buttocks augmentation that would get the J-Lo butt would be a combination of Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and butt implants. Butt implants would get the projection desired or getting "the bubble butt". BBL consists of fat from other areas of the body like thighs, back, flank can be placed into the buttocks which help to contour the body to get the hourglass figure. For any butt augmentation surgery, it is recommended to be at the desired weight before the surgery because any dramatic weight changes would alter postprocedure results, so a healthy diet and exercise are recommended.
When finding a plastic surgeon, there are three important factors that should be considered:

Qualifications: Board certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery, affiliated with major plastic surgery societies, such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, affiliated with local hospitals to ensure that they are practicing in the field they were trained in.

Expertise and Experience: At least 10 years of experience for mastery of techniques and procedures

Reputation and Reviews: Good feedback from previous patients, especially online.

When flying out of state, out of town accommodations are available. 
Complications of buttock enhancement depends on the exact procedure undergone, but in general include: infection, fat embolus, and unstable buttock implant.

Make sure time is spent choosing a quality surgeon who is educated and board certified in plastic surgery, active in the plastic surgery community via memberships and peer review journals, optimally over 10 years of experience, and great reviews from previous patients.
It is important to take the time to choose a plastic surgeon. The surgeon should be educated and board-certified in plastic surgery, have membership in plastic surgery communities such as the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, be affiliated with local hospitals, hopefully, have over 10 years of experience, and have good reviews from previous patients. Plastic surgery, unless for certain medical cases, is an elective procedure and thus is not covered by basic medical insurance. Some plastic surgeons, however, offer financing options to help pay for procedures.
In order to obtain a more shapely buttock, there are 3 options:

1) Buttock implants: placed centrally to increase projection

2) Fat grafting (BBL): helps increase overall buttock size meanwhile contouring and increasing lateral fullness

3) Buttock lift: reduces any sagging appearance

Fat does not melt away following BBL. 100% of the fat cells should successfully take during the BBL procedure. In the first 3 months after BBL, patients can see a 30% reduction in size because of swelling. At 3 months, swelling should reduce and buttock size will remain stable.
In order to improve buttocks sagging you should consider a buttocks lift which will correct your buttocks skin looseness. In order to determine whether you need liposuction as well, you have to decide whether you like the size of your buttocks.

Butt augmentation and waist reduction are independent issues.

Butt augmentation options include:
a)fat grafting, i.e. BBL
b)buttocks implant augmentation
Waist reduction
b)lateral thigh and buttocks lift

When it comes to buttocks augmentation, you have two options;
2)fat/stem cell fat grafting.
Which one will work for you depends on
a)volume of increase desired
b)volume of fat that you have to donate
c)length of recovery you have
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