Chin & Neck Contouring

Chin and Neck Contouring - with improved medical science, patients are living longer and demanding rejuvenation procedures at an older age.

Until recently, the only option for neck rejuvenation was a face and neck lift.

However, older patients often want to avoid more invasive procedures requiring general anesthesia. A second younger patient population also wishes to avoid surgical intervention. For these patients, they specifically do not want the stigma of a surgical incision line.

Fortunately, combining VASER liposuction with Renuvion® skin tightening has revolutionized the rejuvenation industry by providing a minimally invasive option to the neck and jawline contouring for these two patient populations. First, VASER liposuction is used strategically by your surgeon to remove any excess fat in the submental region and undermine the entire neck and chin region. Then, the Renuvion® is used to tighten the redundant skin using subdermal coagulation of the overlying neck skin.

Chin and neck contouring can now be definitively performed using minimally invasive techniques. We can now routinely achieve 80% of the results of a traditional neck lift without having to put patients under general anesthesia or having to perform invasive surgeries with the stigma of surgical incision lines. In addition, this procedure is minimally invasive and much quicker than a traditional neck lift since the neck rejuvenation procedure can be performed in less than half an hour. Finally, when indicated, Renuvion facial ablative technology can be used to improve sun-damaged and aging changes in the facial skin texture.

neck contouring

A 33-year-old female status following Vaser high def lipo of the chin and neck to correct a PAH deformity.

neck contouring

A 49-year-old female following HD Lipo and Renuvion® skin tightening of submental and jowl region.

A 59-year-old female 1-month following Renuvion® facial ablative resurfacing and subdermal coagulation of the neck.

A 61-year-old female following breast lift, abdominoplasty, VASER high definition liposuction of lateral thighs, and fat grafting to the buttocks to achieve ideal buttocks shape.

HD Lipo Jawline and Neck Contouring

The Gold Standard for superior liposuction results requires the use of the advanced technology of ultrasound-assisted VASER liposuction. As an official trainer of VASER liposuction, I perform full-body liposuction cases every week. VASER liposuction has been the only modality that has consistently resulted in outstanding liposuction outcomes. VASER liposuction ensures a smooth contour regardless of the degree of excess fat by virtue of being able to remove any and all remaining fat comprehensively and uniformly. If skin redundancy is observed, Renuvion technology can be simultaneously applied to tighten your skin to optimize your overall contour outcome. 

When it comes to a face and neck lift, although minimizing incisions, undermining, aggressiveness may be attractive to you, these procedures result in suboptimal results. If you are going to spend all of this money and commit to a recovery period, why would you not desire definitive results that will last and be natural? Some of the worst results are achieved with minimally invasive surgeries. Please reconsider having the definitive face and neck lift, termed the extended SMAS facelift.

Unfortunately, a facelift and neck lift are pretty much the same surgery; you cannot perform one without the other if you want a superior outcome; the difference in the two comes down to which region you pull more aggressively, i.e. if your neck has fallen more than your cheek, then you pull harder in the neck region, however, this does not forego having to mobilize the cheek as well!
Whether your cardiomyopathy will be safe to undergo a neck lift will be determined by your primary care physician and your cardiologist. The law requires any patient that is undergoing general anesthesia to be cleared for surgery.

Consider VASER lipo with Renuvion skin tightening as well as Radiesse filler (one for each side) to build your jawline. The above procedures are minimally invasive and can be done in the office in less than one hour. Will not affect your hyperpigmentation.

A neck lift requires the management of loosened or torn muscles (platysma) as well as redundant neck skin (which is removed from behind your ears). We perform routine neck lifts in about 2 hours (one hour per side). A consultation with a neck specialist will help you make a more informed decision.

You have two real effective options;
1st) VASER liposuction and J-Plasma resurfacing is the best minimally invasive solution for you which will remove all fat and tighten your skin without the need for cutting and incision lines.
2nd) Neck lift which is the gold standard but does require more invasive measures and a need for a surgical incision line that is hidden around your ears. 

In researching doctors that advertise "scar-less" neck lifts one must be mindful that any procedure or surgery that involves cutting and removing tissue (skin), a scar will form. In selecting a doctor to help meet your needs, be sure they have a scar prevention plan in place for you. This includes things such as avoiding sun exposure for 6-12 months of the area, wear sunscreen when out, scar reducing creams, and certain vitamins. 

Pinching in the temple region can be treated by extending the incision line of the temples to work the redundancy up higher. If you are patient, redundancy in this area does get better on its own over the first 6 months.

I would not waste money on any procedures until 3 months following surgery when all the inflammation and swelling will have resolved. Then you need a consultation with a face and neck specialist to let you know the best course of action. Silicone sheeting and gels are only good for the incision line.
Looks like you had a poor suction of your lower neck. You can salvage this by considering revision liposuction with high definition liposuction with VASER liposuction and Cool Helium Plasma skin tightening.
Deficient chin contour will require a chin implant to correct both horizontal and vertical deficiency. This can easily be done to improve your facial balance.
Facial and neck tightness will improve with time; you have to give it at least six months to relax. Once your skin relaxes, it will be possible to revise your skin pull vectors to make your contour look less operated in appearance.

We perform face and neck lifts on patients in their 40's occasionally; although younger patients may have less skin redundancy, they actually do better given that their tissues are stronger and healthy.

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