Chin & Neck Contouring

Chin and Neck Contouring - with improved medical science, patients are living longer and demanding rejuvenation procedures at an older age.

Until recently, the only option for neck rejuvenation was a face and neck lift.

However, older patients often want to avoid more invasive procedures requiring general anesthesia. A second younger patient population also wishes to avoid surgical intervention. For these patients, they specifically do not want the stigma of a surgical incision line.

Fortunately, combining VASER liposuction with Renuvion® skin tightening has revolutionized the rejuvenation industry by providing a minimally invasive option to the neck and jawline contouring for these two patient populations. First, VASER liposuction is used strategically by your surgeon to remove any excess fat in the submental region and undermine the entire neck and chin region. Then, the Renuvion® is used to tighten the redundant skin using subdermal coagulation of the overlying neck skin.

Chin and neck contouring can now be definitively performed using minimally invasive techniques. We can now routinely achieve 80% of the results of a traditional neck lift without having to put patients under general anesthesia or having to perform invasive surgeries with the stigma of surgical incision lines. In addition, this procedure is minimally invasive and much quicker than a traditional neck lift since the neck rejuvenation procedure can be performed in less than half an hour. Finally, when indicated, Renuvion facial ablative technology can be used to improve sun-damaged and aging changes in the facial skin texture.

neck contouring

A 49-year-old female following HD Lipo and Renuvion® skin tightening of submental and jowl region.


A 59-year-old female 1-month following Renuvion® facial ablative resurfacing and subdermal coagulation of the neck.


A 61-year-old female following breast lift, abdominoplasty, VASER high definition liposuction of lateral thighs, and fat grafting to the buttocks to achieve ideal buttocks shape.