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Liposuction Of The Face

Introduction: Liposuction Of The Face

Liposuction of the face is generally frowned upon. This is because the face is traversed by multiple facial nerves that control the muscles of the face. Since the muscle is thin, located throughout the entire face, and often superficial in location, generally liposuction of the facial soft tissues is avoided. This is because inadvertent injury to a motor nerve using traditional cannulas would be feasible. Also, the removal of fat only from the facial soft tissues would result in increased skin redundancy and facial skin sagging. As such liposuction of the face has been typically reserved only for the neck.

Limited liposuction of the face can be considered today only to remove isolated areas of contour irregularities. Isolated liposuction is performed using micro-thin cannulas with girths measuring 1.0mm or less. They can be used to feather the most superficial plane located just under the skin and to eliminate subtle contour irregularities.

Liposuction of the face before and after view.
Liposuction of the face before and after view.

Instead, the face is best treated for skin redundancy that develops with aging and the effects of gravity. Today, radiofrequency can be administered underneath your skin to provide effective tightening of the collagen fibers located in the soft tissues of the skin.  

The ATTIVA Non-surgical Facelift 

The ATTIVA non-surgical facelift provides a viable alternative to the traditional invasive surgical facelift. The benefits of the ATTIVA non-surgical facelift are several and include:

  • Minimally invasive treatment completed in the office
  • Remain awake and comfortable throughout your treatment
  • Avoidance incisions that can result in unsightly scars
  • Precludes the need for infiltration of fluids and/or gasses prior to treatment
  • Immediate improvements are appreciated.
  • Promoted as a “lunchtime” procedure
  • A quick recovery period means no income loss or setbacks in your social calendar
  • Reducing mechanical trauma resulting in unnecessary soft tissue injury or swelling
  • Minimized risk of skin compromise with external skin monitoring and temperature safety gauges
  • Less inconvenience associated with frequent postoperative visits to the clinic

How does the ATTIVA non-surgical facelift work?

ATTIVA® Subdermal Induced Heat (S.I.H.) Technology is the result of 5 years of advanced scientific research. Three international patents protect ATTIVA subdermal induced heat technology using proprietary triphasic radiofrequency energy waves. This technology may be employed by medical professionals such as physicians, naturopathic doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and registered nurses. Subdermal heat-induced technology provides several healing benefits that include:

  1. Contraction and tightening of collagen molecules in the soft tissues
  2. Contraction of collagen molecules on the dermal undersurface of the skin.
  3. Ingrowth of vascular in-flow
  4. Increase in elastin fibers

Don’t forget about the importance of Fat Transfer

Although liposuction of the face is a critical maneuver to help improve your overall facial appearance, we must not forget about the power replacing the volume into needed areas. In the face, routine areas that require fat transfer may include the nasojugal groove and nasolabial folds. Other that may benefit from augmentation include the jawline as well as the lips. If you are interested in learning more about fat transfer, we encourage you to make a consultation with one of our expert high definition surgeons who can help you achieve your potential. We look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Conclusion: Liposuction of the Face

In summary, liposuction of the face is avoided because of fear of inadvertent injury to facial motor nerves. If you have a unique situation with localized fatty prominence on your face, please make a consultation with one of our liposuction experts to determine if you are a candidate for liposuction of the face. Instead, we utilize internally administered radiofrequency using ATTIVA technology to tighten the soft tissue and underlying dermal skin layer to improve your facial contour. 

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